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Rave Reviews About Our Skin Care Products
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Rave Reviews About Our Skin Care Products

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Rave Reviews from Awakening Woman Skin Care Clients

If you are not presently using the most powerful skin care you can find, you're losing out big time.

"saved my skin... "

After over a year of use and testing, I can truly say that the Awakening Woman treatment products have saved my skin! Suddenly, in my early 40's, I was experiencing constant breakouts that wouldn't go away. Nothing I tried to deal with them and clear up my skin worked. Within 6 weeks of using these products, my skin started to turn around and today I actually leave my house many days with absolutely no makeup on.

Karen Cherniack
Alternative Medicine Network

" skin was clearer and healthier looking than it has ever been ..."

As a woman who is 42 I began to find myself having all sorts of problems many of them related to what I believe was perimenopause. I tried your progesterone cream and believe I have seen improved results and I am so impressed with your skin care line.

For years I have had problems with my skin--breakouts, large pores, the beginning of rosacea. I ordered the sample product with the five steps and by the middle of each of the samples my skin was clearer and healthier looking than it has ever been. I had been using Dr. Perricone products and Prescriptives and never over the years saw results like I have seen in these past weeks. Thank you I feel like a new woman.

I have just placed another order for the skin care products as well as the progesterone cream.

Thanks so much.

"my skin is perfect!"...


I went into perimenopause about 4 years ago. I started to have terrible breakouts: not just pimples, but those that came from deep within. I also noticed that they were very slow to heal. It began to resemble acne, a condition I never had.

I began by using Clearasil, like I did years ago! Of course, it did not work. Neither did anything the dermatologist gave me. I really was getting desperate. I came upon your web site because a friend was using your natural progesterone products. I was having severe hot flashes. While I was on your site ordering the progesterone, I saw the skin-care line and decided I gad nothing to lose by trying it.

It has now been many months and my skin is perfect! I rarely get a blemish. When I do, I use the BenzoClear and the mudd treatment when needed (no more than once a month now). Initially, I cleared up my complexion by following the skin care guidelines on the bottles. I used the mudd mask every other day as it said and I used the BenzoClear on alternate days. My complexion cleared up completely in 2 weeks.

I honestly don't know what I would have done without these products. Thank you for developing such a great product. You truly saved my skin!

Best wishes, Sheila

"nothing comes close..."

Dear Karen ~

I started with the trial size kit and simply love the product, thus my reorder. I am a department store brand cosmetics user accustomed to overpaying for skincare, and nothing comes close to these specifically targeted products. The reasonable pricing makes them irresistable. My hormonal break-outs are now completely in control. Good job!


"I look better and I have more confidence in myself..."

My name is Barry and I want to let everyone know that my face is finally healthy and clear thanks to the Benzoclear products. I've spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter products such as Clearasil, Oxy 10, Neutrogena, you name it I bought it.  I also had doctors prescribe medications such as Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser, DesOwen (desonide lotion), and many other prescriptions that I can't pronounce.

I also went as far as ordering a product from an infomercial that promised satisfaction guaranteed and had many satisfied customers to prove that the product works.  But guess what -- nothing ever worked, I had acne for twelve years with permanent scares to remind me of it. All that is finally behind me now and I look better and I have more confidence in myself thanks to these products.  To top things off the product is very affordable and easy to use.


"definitely better and smoother for the skin..."

I can't wait to get more of your new creams. I consider your creams; new and improved compared to the big name products. I love your DMAE, ALA, Ester C. I am almost out as I use them in combo with what's left of my expensive creams. Yours are definitely better and smoother for the skin.


Rave Reviews About Our Skin Care Products

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