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Satisfaction Women's Pleasure Enhancer

Satisfaction Creme

It's Here, A Natural Pleasure Enhancer - Just For Women! Awakening Woman Satisfaction™ Cream was Designed by a Woman for Women and that Means More Pleasure For You!

Satisfaction Woman's Pleasure Enhancer may be the answer for you if:

This non-prescription topical cream is made just for you to receive your greatest pleasure and passionate sensitivity. If you have been wondering how you can have totally amazing orgasms and bring more pleasure and passion into your life, the solution is finally here!

Within literally seconds, you can feel a warmth begin to spread where it was applied. I have to say, after using it a few times, I am MUCH more interested in my husband!! I have been experiencing a serious lack of libido for about two years, and this is the first product that has given me some relief! I can't say thank you enough.


Awakening Woman Satisfaction™ Creme is a specially formulated natural preparation manufactured by a woman for other women.

Satisfaction™ includes the active ingredients Menthol, Niacin, L-Arginine, (an amino acid found in dietary products), Methyl Nicotinate and other natural ingredients. We are positive that Satisfaction™'s specific ingredients will raise your intimate experiences to new heights!

Using Satisfaction™ is Easy!

Satisfaction™ is pumped from our specially-designed pump bottle onto your fingertips. With just a single pump, you will feel a warm, tingling sensation on your clitoris when your creme is applied. Typically, you will experience the optimum effect of Satisfaction™ within ten to thirty minutes after your use, but this varies with each individual woman. The tingling, warm sensations of Satisfaction™, in combination with the physical stimulation of your clitoris before and during intercourse, will lead to heightened pleasure for you with enhanced sensations, increased lubrication, and more rapid and intense orgasms.

Satisfaction Costs A Fraction of Other Enhancement Creams!

Satisfaction™ is prepared in convenient one-ounce bottles with our custom made, one pump delivery system. Unlike other creams that deliver single doses for up to $11.95 per dose, Satisfaction™ costs only $19.95 for an entire bottle during our special introductory offer. Each one ounce bottle holds up to 20 - 30 applications depending upon personal usage. (One bottle of Satisfaction™ is equivalent to 15 "pillows" of the other creams now selling at $129.95 for only 12 pillows!!!!)

Why Satisfaction is the Best Pleasure Enhancement Cream on the Market!

The specially compounded formulation for Satisfaction is the best women's pleasure enhancer on the market and here's why:

Most creams have a neutral pH and the formulators haven't considered this issue, resulting in irritation and burning. Make sure that any cream you use has the proper pH balance!

Satisfaction™ is a natural, safe women's pleasure enhancer with:

Satisfaction™ Is Giving Women The Incredible Pleasure They Have Been Waiting For. It CAN Do The Same For You! (Just Read our testimonials to see how happy it has made a lot of women!)

Ingredients: Deionized & Purified Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (coconut oil), Polyacrylamide/C13-14, Isoparaffin/Laurel 7 (emulsifier), SD Alcohol, L-Arginine, Citric Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin A Palmitate, Menthol, Methyl Nicotinate, Ginseng.

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