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My Incredibly Premature Hot Flashes and Non-Stop Insommnia Created Alternative Medicine Network

Or in other words, how producing TV Shows featuring Dr. John Lee fixed my extremely uncomfortable hormone balance issues, helped me get out of the high stress of television production and pushed me head first into starting Alternative Medicine Network... whew!

Alternative Medicine Network was first started more than 20 years ago when my TV company produced a number of Emmy-nominated television programs including a series on Alternative and Natural Medicine. We did some shows on premenopause, hormone balance and menopause featuring the leading women's health and hormone balance expert, Dr. John Lee. As a result, luckily, I saw the light - that my way earlier than expected premenopause symptoms could be alleviated. There was nothing that a whole new career and actual hormone balance couldn't fix!

Alternative Medicine Network was born, once I looked after those pesky perimenopause issues, and has taken off from that great beginning and wonderful foundation. Driven by my own health concerns, (see our My Story page for more details), our first proprietary product was Awakening Woman Restore Balance Natural Progesterone Cream.

Over the past few years we've added even more products to our proprietary formulations including Satisfaction Women's Pleasure Enhancer Cream, EstroRenew (natural phytoestrogens), Turbo ProRenew (hormone balance cream for men), as well as our fantastic custom skin care line that addresses a wide variety of skin care issues - all with great success stories from our incredible customers!

And now we have added a huge range of home health tests for everything from hormone balance, sleep issues, and weight management to heart health, air quality testing and pet tests!

Our Mission

At Alternative Medicine Network, we began our first day and every day since with our goal of solving some of the biggest problems in health: understanding just what is happening with our own bodies and being able to find effective, natural ways to deal with a wide range of health issues from hormone balance, insommnia, heart issues, infertility, weight gain, allergies and so much more. The truth is that almost all of us just guess.

You can be sure that we will continue our mission that began on the internet more than 20 years ago - to provide a huge, well-rounded resource of health knowledge and continually develop the most pure and effective natural products possible for your health, beauty and optimal wellbeing.

I was really impressed with how quickly I got the first shipment (4-5 days after ordering it). I really do like the progesterone cream. I have been on progesterone cream for almost two years now and have used two different kinds. The first was one that a pharmacy compounded. It seemed to work pretty well but wasn't crazy about the texture (and absorbency) of the cream. The second I have used the longest and didn't get the results I did from the first one. It wasn't until I did more research and found out that a couple of the ingredients (parabens) act like estrogen in the body! No wonder it didn't work as well!

That's when I found your web site and decided to try it out. I was immediately impressed with the way the cream absorbed in the skin. The texture is absolutely wonderful and smells great (unlike the other two I tried). I have only been on it going on my second cycle but did notice that some of my symptoms had improved already. I also just went in for a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis (had several symptoms...) and she couldn't find anything wrong. I have to wonder if there is a chance that I had it but the cream has helped tremendously. I certainly had good reason to believe that I had endometriosis given the symptoms I had, otherwise I never would have undergone surgery. I wasn't expecting nothing to be found. I am really hopeful that this product might finally relieve me of ALL of my estrogen dominance symptoms. It is nice to see that I am not the only woman who is actively taking charge of her own health and well being! Thanks for developing what seems to be a really great product!


Karen Cherniack Hi - This is a picture of me - Karen Cherniack. I am always striving to bring you the best natural products possible!

It seems only fitting that I should tell you a little about my own journey into natural hormone balance. Although a more complete picture is on our My Story page, this is a quick tidbit. I started using different progesterone creams a few years ago, to deal with the after effects of Deprovera shots. After trying a number of them, I decided that there wasn't a single cream on the market that offered what I wanted: A way to know exactly how much I was using, a cream that didn't have a lot of "added ingredients", a cream that matched the dosages and ingredients specified by Dr. John Lee, one that felt good on my skin and absorbed well and most of all - that relieved my discomfort! The end result is Awakening Woman Restore Balance Natural Progesterone Cream. It has been a wonderful relief for me and for thousands of others and you can read what a number of them have to say on our testimonials page.

Thank you for visiting us and I wish you the very best in your quest for hormone balance!

Sales Manager

Our Lab

Chief ChemistsChief Chemists Hamilton Musser and Rebecca Campos have been responsible for the formulation and production of our Awakening Woman Restore Balance Cream, Satisfaction Women's Pleasure Enhancer Cream and Turbo ProRenew as well as future products in development now. They ensure that our ingredients are pure, fresh and effective for your use.

They can often be found pouring over recent research articles to ensure that the most recent advances in alternative medicine and natural health care are brought to bear in our formulations.

Our Cosmetic Chemist

Cosmetic ChemistMelanie is the Cosmetic Chemist and Esthetician who has developed our special line of skin care products for perimenopausal and menopausal women as well as acne-prone and sun-damaged or aging skin.

As an adolescent Melanie was plagued with problem skin. Inevitably, she became extremely self-conscious about her appearance. By the time she reached college, she decided to pursue a degree in Nutritional Science and Food Chemistry. She tried the traditional route through prescriptions and other medical treatments, they didn't work. She began her quest for perfect skin by performing her research with skin care and cosmetic ingredients.

Utilizing her chemistry background, she worked with several laboratories to create a skin care regime that combines the best nature has to offer with the latest technology that science has discovered. As a direct result of her using her own products, Melanie has flawless skin with a beautiful healthy glow.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email or give us a call toll-free at 877-753-5424.

Sales Manager:

Alternative Medicine Network
9888 W Belleview, Ave #5004
Denver, CO 80123
Toll-Free 877-753-5424

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