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Phytoestrogen Research

Research Shows the Ingredients in EstroRenew Natural Balance Supplement Can Help Relieve Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and More.

Medical Studies Show Red Clover To Help Reduce Hot Flashes.

To investigate the effectiveness and safety of a red clover dietary supplement versus a placebo on the change in hot flush frequency in post-menopausal women, a controlled research trial was done at Vrije University Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Women with more than 12 months without periods who were experiencing more than five flashes per day were enrolled. All received placebo tablets for 4 weeks and were subsequently given either a placebo or 80 mg red clover for a further 12 weeks.

A number of additional studies have been conducted on the unique effects of red clover. They too have shown red clover’s beneficial effects on reducing menopausal issues (hot flashes, night sweats, reduced libido, vaginal dryness), improving cardiovascular risk factors (cholesterol levels, arterial compliance) and maintaining bone density (by reducing bone loss).

Black Cohosh is a member of the buttercup family and is found natively in the woods of eastern North America. A hardy perennial, black cohosh can be found up in plants up to nine feet. Its roots contain phytoestrogen compounds well known to help relieve perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. American Indians called it squaw root, and used it for a wide variety of female problems. They used it to restore normal menstrual function, to return a woman to her pre-pregnancy state after birth, and for menopause. At the same time, folk herbalists in America and Europe used the plant to treat female complaints and rheumatism.

Black Cohosh Safely Reduces Menopausal Discomfort.

Black Cohosh has been used by Native Americans, Europeans, and Chinese for centuries. A phytoestrogen, is now recognized as one of the most promising herbal remedies available to help with mood swings, hot flashes and vaginal dryness associated with menopause. It has been described as "hormone-like" and even a mild euphoric by some.

In the 20th century, Lydia E. Pinkham developed a vegetable compound specifically to ease "all those painful complaints and weaknesses so common to our best female population." More recently, the German Commission E approved its use for painful menstruation and menopausal symptoms. The studies found an improvement in overall menopausal issues, reduction in hot flashes and stimulation of vaginal changes were observed in a series of clinical studies in more than 800 women. Black Cohosh is not habit-forming. It does not interact with other medications. Unlike synthetic hormone replacement, few or no toxic effects have been observed with use.

The EstroRenew formulation includes forty milligrams of black cohosh per a daily dose, the therapeutic dose approved by Commission E. Many products contain more - sometimes hundreds of milligrams more - but larger doses are unnecessary and may even be unsafe.

Chasteberry’s Effectiveness Has Been Known Throughout Europe for Centuries.

Chasteberry, or Vitex, is regarded throughout Europe as the herb used to relieve menopause issues, PMS, and uterine fibroid cysts. According to Linda Ojeda, author of the book, Menopause Without Medicine, using Chasteberry on a regular basis will boost natural levels of progesterone and help control depression, hot flashes, and a vaginal dryness.

Chasteberry stimulates and normalizes pituitary gland functions, especially its progesterone function. The greatest use of Chasteberry is in normalizing the female sex hormones and thus is often used to relieve premenstrual stress and other disorders related to hormone function. It is especially beneficial during menopausal changes. Similarly, chasteberry may be used to aid the body to regain its own natural balance after the use of the birth control pill.

According to Medical Botanist Christopher Hobbs:

"In 1930, Dr. Gerhard Madaus conducted some of the first scientific research on the chasteberry plant and developed a patent medicine from an extract of dried fruits named Agnolyt. He found it to have a "strong corpus-luteum" effect, which increases progesterone." Scientists think that it regulates the pituitary gland, which detects increased estrogen levels and tells the ovaries to make less of it. Recent findings confirm that chasteberry helps restore a normal estrogen-to-progesterone balance. It can ease the effects of premenstrual syndrome, which has been linked to abnormally high levels of estrogen, especially if symptoms tend to disappear when menstruation begins. Chasteberry can also help with irregular menstruation (especially if accompanied by endometriosis).

In the late 1950's, in a study of 51 women who had heavy bleeding and excessively short menstrual cycles, 65% of those who took Agnolyt showed improvement. About 47% of the women were entirely improved (those over 20 years old seemed to have the highest rate). Vitex also helps resolve hormonally-related constipation.

Herbalist David Hoffmann reports that the most important use of chasteberry in England is for treating menopause changes. "Chasteberry is extremely safe, having had no reports of even moderate side effects - for over 2,000 years." There is mounting scientific evidence that isoflavone plant estrogens supplement the body's own decreasing estrogen supply and provide relief from the challenges associated with mid-life.

The typical American diet provides only 5 mg of these plant estrogens a day - one-eighth the amount consumed by women in Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean cultures where women suffer fewer mid-life issues.

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EstroRenew with Black Cohosh

EstroRenew Women's Balance Supplement

EstroRenew Women's Balance Supplement

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EstroRenew dietary supplement is one of the most effective and pure women's menopausal support formulas available. With only one - two capsules a day, you can experience relief from your discomfort in a few short weeks!

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Ultimate Balance Pack - EstroRenew & Progesterone

Ultimate Balance Pack - EstroRenew & Progesterone

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Ultimate Balance Pack - One Bottle of EstroRenew Natural Balance Supplement and One Bottle of Awakening Woman Restore Balance Natural Progesterone Cream.

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Sprayology MenoPower Oral Spray

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Use this fabulous oral spray in combination with Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone and or EstroRenew balance supplement.

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Hormone Trio Home Health Test Kit - Saliva

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Collection of the most popular hormones in combination. Tests Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), Testosterone (T).

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