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Alternative Medicine Network offers articles on men's health, women's health, pms, premenopause, menopause, skincare, hormone balance, hormone testing and more.

Welcome to The Alternative Medicine Knowledge Center Resource of Health Articles. We have begun our collection of articles with Our Most Asked Questions series with FAQ's about menopause, perimenopause, pms, menopause and weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, menopause and fatigue, menopause and lifestyle changes, and menopause and exercise and many more.

Our article library is growing every week. Please be sure to check back with us often to see if there is an article you would like to read, or sign up to have new articles delivered personally to your desktop.

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Skin Care

Skincare treatment products and specialized treatment kits designed to help you address all of your skincare needs.

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Skin Care You Can Trust

Special Value Packages Save You Money

Specially collected value packages with our most popular natural health products.

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Natural Progesterone

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