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MenoPower Plus Pack - MenoPower Spray & Progesterone

Knockout your discomfort with a one two punch in this hard-hitting special value package!

Sprayology's MenoPower will help you spray away your night sweats and decrease your irritability. Address your menopausal discomfort effectively and safely with this oral spray treatment that combines modern science and age-old homeopathy to give you natural, effective relief.

MenoPower combines homeopathic ingredients to address common menopausal symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, including emotional fluctuations, hot flashes, night sweats, irritably and vaginal dryness. Ingredients such as arnica to ease emotional fluctuations; sanguinaria canadenis (blood root flower) to relieve hot flashes and ovarian discomfort; and sepia to treat vaginal dryness and general irritability. Use in combination with Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream to round out your hormone balance program.

Awakening Woman Restore Balance Cream Natural Progesterone is an excellent companion product to MenoPower to alleviate your peri-menopausal and menopausal discomfort. The precise-dosing pump means you'll be able to determine exactly how much progesterone to apply with every use. The progesterone formula created for Restore Balance progesterone is one of the most pure progesterone formulas you will find on the market.

Please note: While all of the products in this kit area available separately, the best value is found in purchasing all of them in the kits listed in the Special Value Packages.

Preferred Option

If you would like to order this package and would also like to get your progesterone as a preferred member with regular shipments, select the preferred member option at checkout. The progesterone in this shipment will count towards the free bottle you receive after your 12th! If you would like to have your shipments sent at a different interval than what is listed, just include a note with your order. You may also select to receive 2 bottles of progesterone shipped as a preferred member and save on shipping as well. (we'll add the extra one in with this order to keep your shipments on schedule.)

Note - only the progesterone will be sent on a regular basis unless you let us know you would like to add other products as well.

You will not automatically be setup for regular shipments unless you have selected that option. Please select the first option of "No regular shipments" if you do not wish to get regular shipments of progesterone.

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MenoPower Plus Pack - MenoPower Spray & Progesterone


MenoPower Plus Pack - One bottle of Sprayology MenoPower Oral Spray + one bottle of Awakening Woman Restore Balance Natural Progesterone Cream.


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