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These Women Refuse to Be Without Natural Progesterone

Take Advantage of This Effective Natural Approach to Eliminate Your Discomfort!

Join These Women Who are Over the Moon with Their Results!

Our natural progesterone cream is helping thousands of women all over the world get relief. Here, other women share their outstanding experiences of using our Restore Balance Natural Progesterone (also known as Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream). As you can see, they believe that Restore Balance Cream is the best progesterone for them.

We would love to hear how you are doing! Please send us a testimonial about your fantastic experience with your Restore Balance progesterone cream as well.

Here's what are our customers saying about our progesterone:

"within 4 weeks I quit having hot flashes ..."
Kim - Hereford, AZ

I have come to depend on your products for quality. I've used the progesterone cream for years. I began the EstroRenew since I experienced miserable hot flashes and within 4 weeks I quit having hot flashes. I tell all my 50+ friends about you.


"I believe Awakening Woman is my very best option for natural progesterone! ..."
Anne - Midland, Ontario, Canada

Dear Altmed,

I am a 26 yr old woman who wants to thank you for your Awakening Woman progesterone cream. I purchased this cream because I have PCOS. I had grown concerned about languishing on my risky form of OC (Diane), partly because of the synthetic progestin, and partly because I was concerned about the effects of estrogen on my insulin resistance. I decided to try alternative remedies for 6 months. I selected Awakening Woman progesterone cream for 4 main reasons:

  • 1) I felt I could trust the standardized formulation as it was endorsed by Dr. Lee.
  • 2) The dosimetric pump bottle.
  • 3) The cream did not contain suspected xenoestrogens such as parabens.
  • 4) Your company provides service to Canada.

I used the cream as recommended for pre-menopausal women (14 days of use starting the 14th day after the last period began). I was prepared to wait a few months for a period using "only a cream". However, it is the first month and I did get my period! There may be some issues to work out about dosage, but I feel confident that I can trust this cream to regulate my cycles, at least in the short term.

I believe Awakening Woman is my very best option for natural progesterone!

Thanks again,

"I haven't felt this healthy physically and mentally in years ..."
Jane - Saanichton, British Columbia, Canada

I started with one bottle of your natural progesterone cream a few months ago, just to see whether anything happened, and I was quite surprised by the results.

At the time I started my first bottle, I had started to feel as though "a little old lady" was trying to break free. My bones actually felt fragile, and I was being very careful with myself. Within 10 days of taking the cream I actually felt my bones feel stronger (which sounds looney I know), but I felt 10 years younger. What took a little longer to kick in was an elevation of my mood. I have had depression on and off for the past 5-6 years and taken various antidepressants (which only had a coarse effect on my mood). When I started taking the cream I felt as though a weight was slowly being lifted, it was very subtle, but after 6 months I can say I haven't felt this healthy physically and mentally in years. Now I can no more imagine not taking my Progesterone cream than not taking my thyroid medication. It really has changed my life. THANK YOU! And thank you for taking care of your Canadian customers.


"I feel 100% better! ..."
Kyla - Erlanger, KY

Dear Alternative Medicine Network,

Thank you so much for the follow up email. Before I started using the progesterone cream I was having panic attacks and severe depression during my PMS. My hormones were way off balance from having a baby 9 months ago as well as using hormonal contraceptives. After only 3 days of using the cream I feel 100% better! I'm clearer, no more severe depression or panic attacks. I have energy again and I'm sleeping better. I was able to detect the lack of progesterone from cycle to cycle. This was the obvious answer! My husband was called away for military duty only 2 weeks after our son was born. I need to feel my best so I can give our baby the love and care he needs while I'm on my own. Thank you again for your research and products!

Kyla (Age 26)

"I can't tell you how fantastic it feels to get an uninterrupted night of sleep! ..."
Sandy - Algonquin, IL


I really am pleased with your natural progesterone. I have been adjusting the dosage as my symptoms had returned and found that I seem to need a lot less these days. Thanks again for a great product. I can't tell you how fantastic it feels to get an uninterrupted night of sleep!


"does not want to be without it! ..."
Amanda - Melbourne, VIC ..... Australia

I am more than happy to have it sent via first class parcel post (and pay additional cost) if that is the quickest way for it to be the cream is for my mother and mother-in-law in particular who has now finished the first bottle that I got for her. (By the way, she has told me that she noticed a reduction in the severity of her menopausal symptoms after the first day and does not want to be without it!) Thank you so much.

Amanda - Australia

"I am in a better frame of mind ... "
Pamela - Eagan, MN

I just wanted to tell you that the cream has helped me so much. I now call my "hot" flashes "warm" flashes and I only have a few a day. Another thing I have noticed is that I am in a better frame of mind. I feel good knowing that I am no longer putting poison in my body. (That's how I felt when I was on my prescription HRT's)


"Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream has amazingly changed my life! ...
Lisa - Enfield, NC

Thank you so much for your email! Actually, I have been meaning to email YOU to let you know how Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream has amazingly changed my life! I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and I feel like a totally different woman! Actually, I felt "different" after only the 2nd day I used it, and within a week, the difference was incredible! Here's a little history of how I literally "stumbled" onto Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream.

From the time I hit 40 (I'm 43 now), I begin to feel the subtle signs of perimenopause - night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, fatigue, etc. I also started having mild to moderate joint pain, especially in my legs and ankles. Since my mom was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her early 40's, I was concerned that I, too, might have it. Thus I began a long and arduous journey to uncover the source of my leg pain - thinking all along it must be arthritis-related. I went from my family physician to an orthopedic surgeon to a rheumatologist, only to be told there was "nothing wrong with me" and there was no medical condition causing my leg pain. Around the same time, I went to my GYN for my yearly physical, and out of desperation asked him if my joint pain could be "hormonally-related". He said most emphatically, "NO". So I gave up going to doctors for my leg pain, resigned myself to the fact that it must be "old age", and took OTC pain meds to get through the night - when the pain seemed the worst.

Along with my leg pain, I had been increasingly putting on weight for about a year, despite the fact that I worked out at a gym 4-5 times a week and watched my diet. So I began searching the internet to find the parallels between weight gain and peri-menopause. THAT'S when I stumbled on your site and the onto the "miracle cream" that will forever be a daily part of my life! As I read all the symptoms of estrogen dominance, I could have just about been a poster child for the condition itself! Excitedly I read the testimonials and was amazed at the stories of all the women who had used Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone. Thinking I had nothing else to lose, I ordered my first bottle, right after Christmas, and right before a trip my husband and I had planned to the mountains. I was able to start the cream a day before our trip.

After the 2nd day, as I said earlier, I looked and felt like I was 10 years younger! I can't explain it, but the feeling was almost "euphoric". I could almost "feel" my hormones shifting back into place, and a great wave of calm flooded over me. My libido, (which had been in hibernation for months), was awakened - much to my husband's delight! The enlarged pores and adult acne which had plagued me even in my 40's was clearing up and a rosy glow took its place! My nails started growing out almost overnight! I literally dropped 3 pounds in a week (water retention and bloating), and was able to wear pants I hadn't worn in months! Gradually, my night sweats and hot flashes lessened in severity too. But the one thing that really excited me happened after about a month of using this progesterone cream - MY LEG PAIN COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED, AND HAS NOT COME BACK!!!!! The joint pain must have been hormonally-related after all!! I can't wait to tell my GYN at my next physical!!

The past 6 weeks have been indescribable and incredible! I could go on and on about the "little changes" this cream has made that have made a BIG difference in the quality of my life. In fact, I told several of my friends about AW and got them to using it, too! Now I've got to place another order for even more people - including my 65 yr old mother! Every one of my friends who have been using it have been having the same or similar results as me - and are equally amazed at the difference it's made in their lives!

I thank God and Alternative Medicine Network for putting this product out there for women - I only wish it were publicized more so more women could discover it for themselves! As for me, I will NEVER be without a bottle of Awakening Woman Restore Balance Cream in my cabinet, and I will shout it to the mountain tops to other women about this amazing cream!

Thank you, too, for your role in helping women to discover the benefits of natural progesterone cream! I know it must be very rewarding to know you've helped so many women improve the quality of their lives by introducing them to this cream. I envy you because I know your life must be so fulfilled to have helped touch so many lives! Keep up the great work and I will help you by continuing to tell women around me about Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream! God bless and Happy Hormones!


"I am more in control of myself ..."
Lyne - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thanks for all you do for the shipments you sent me. I definitely feel I am more in control of myself and the big plus is the pain I had to suffer with my breast - Gone for a year!!! As I am telling people all I know is that I am feeling better and used to be at the point where I was losing it and somehow as well my concentration is better. The EstroRenew supplement - I take one a day and I do think it did improve the results in combination with my cream. I have been taking them for 4 months now.

I live in Mexico and since my mom is coming she will bring me my cream. Interesting comment - in Mexico some people sell something similar but I prefer to stick to yours as I am unsure if others are really OK.


"I am really pleased ..."
Deb - Denver, CO

Thanks... I am really pleased with your product. Have a good day!


"very pleased with my success ..."
Fatima - Saudi Arabia

Dear Alternative Medicine Network,

I would like to thank you first for your fast and good response with your customers. I have been one of your customers for over 3 years and I am very happy with your service and products. Since I have been using the progesterone cream I feel very good and I never had any bad or ill feelings. I always feel fresh and happy and I am very pleased with my success with the Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream formula.

Fatima, Saudi Arabia

"other progesterone cream is making me ill ..."
JJ - Glendale, CA

Help ! :)

I tried some other progesterone cream (natural) that my doctor actually prescribed for me from a pharmacy (I thought, great, I can write it off on my taxes). The stuff sucks and is making me feel ill (think the dosage is too high), and I ran out of yours last week. So rather than waiting for my next shipment from you, can we change the schedule and have you ship it now? (The regular quantity, 3 bottles.) Just ship it now, and keep shipping it to me every whatever-my-frequency-is, counting from now.
Thanks !!!


I am delighted amazed and relieved ... "
Debbie - Brighouse, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hi Alt Med,

I have been using awakening woman cream for approx. 3 months now. I am very pleased indeed with the results. To keep it brief... for many years I have suffered with extensive endometriosis/adenomyosis. I came to the end of the line medically and was faced with surgery with very high risk! Constant bleeding has now settled down along with severe pain which often led to hospitalization. I am delighted amazed and relieved.. thank goodness for Awakening Woman. Warmest Regards,


"I have found great relief from my symptoms ..."
Leslie - Springfield, VA

Just wanted to say "Thanks." I received my package yesterday without any problems. I started using the progesterone cream immediately, and I have found great relief from my symptoms. I am suffering from uterine fibroids, and this has caused decreased fertility. I am 40 and while I have been pregnant in the past, I did not continue the pregnancies. Now because I am married, and both of us are 40, we want kids. So, when my gyn here in France told me not to be hopeful, I decided to try and get healed and prove her wrong. I believe I am on the right track. I will keep you posted on my progress. Best Wishes,


"I can say it helps me a lot ..."
Riek - De Bilt, The Netherlands

Thank you for your natural progesterone cream. I started using it in January and I can say it helps me a lot. I am not where I used to be. I had migraine headaches and they are lesser in strength every month, and my breasts are not aching so much anymore. Thank you again for making this product.


"the cream has helped tremendously ..."
Sandi - Austin, TX

I was really impressed with how quickly I got the first shipment (4-5 days after ordering it). I really do like the progesterone cream. I have been on progesterone cream for almost two years now and have used two different kinds. The first was one that a pharmacy compounded. It seemed to work pretty well but wasn't crazy about the texture (and absorbency) of the cream. The second I have used the longest and didn't get the results I did from the first one. It wasn't until I did more research and found out that a couple of the ingredients (parabens) act like estrogen in the body! No wonder it didn't work as well! That's when I found your web site and decided to try it out. I was immediately impressed with the way the cream absorbed in the skin. The texture is absolutely wonderful and smells great (unlike the other two I tried). I have only been on it going on my second cycle but did notice that some of my symptoms had improved already. I also just went in for a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis (had several symptoms...) and she couldn't find anything wrong. I have to wonder if there is a chance that I had it but the cream has helped tremendously. I certainly had good reason to believe that I had endometriosis given the symptoms I had, otherwise I never would have undergone surgery. I wasn't expecting nothing to be found. I am really hopeful that this product might finally relieve me of ALL of my estrogen dominance symptoms. It is nice to see that I am not the only woman who is actively taking charge of her own health and well being! Thanks for developing what seems to be a really great product!


"I feel more like myself ..."
Kim - Frazee, MN

I know this is too early to tell but I've only been using the progesterone cream for 2 days and I feel more like myself. More energy for sure.


"within a couple of months I felt amazing ..."
Marie - Rugeley, Staffs United Kingdom

I have purchased some of your cream before so I would be happy to give you some feed back now.

I am 23 years old and since I was about 18 I have used the contraceptive pill up until about 2 years ago. I did not realize for many years, that my drastic mood swings were due to hormone imbalances brought on by the artificial hormones in these treatments. I was experiencing hot sweats, depression, tiredness and the worst thing was extreme moods which made me feel like I was strange or weird.

I left university last year with only 4 months left to complete my course because I just couldn't concentrate and everything had just become too much and so I took a year out.

I was planning to go traveling so I went to look for books and whilst in the book store came across a book called "Hormone Heresy" by Sherill Sellman. I had been told hormones could have been an explanation for the way I was feeling so I bought the book.

Since then I have been on the internet, found your site and purchased your cream. I began taking it in March last year and within a couple of months I felt amazing. Of course I became complacent and stopped using the cream and after about 5 months it clicked that this cream must be the answer. I have used it for the last month and now I feel great again. The mood swings have stopped and I have loads of energy again.

No one else has heard of the cream and you can't get it over here so I keep telling people how good it is but no one seems to believe me, thinking that the feelings brought on by PMT are normal.

Marie - U.K.

"I feel more energized, less mopey, and with an improved sense of well-being ..."
Lorraine - Los Angeles, CA

Karen -

After watching too many of my friends suffer through the tortures of synthetic hormone therapy, I knew I had to find another way when my time came. Last year a friend who shares my affliction of hormonally induced headaches gave me Dr. Lee's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About Premenopause." Intrigued, I went to Google and found your site somewhere at the top. Obviously, with so many sites offering natural progesterone cream with "precise dosages per Dr. Lee," I'm not sure why I zeroed in on yours, but I did. And when I read the testimonial of someone who'd tried some other than yours - and preferred yours - I decided to give your product a go.

As I said, my main premenopausal symptom is headaches. Of every kind, but certainly including migraines ... migraines that could last for days on end and affect my life in any and every way you could imagine. As the mother of a 12-year old boy, a professional singer/songwriter, and someone who travels and works-out on a regular basis, migraines are not a welcome addition to my life!

I began using your cream in February of this year and I'm now into my sixth month. I recently added your EstroRenew to my regimen (some hot flashes), and have to say that I feel better than I have in a very long time. If I get a migraine, I simply apply an extra dose or two (per the book) and usually (still with the help of my prescription of Imitrex...hopefully soon to be discontinued!), it's gone within an hour. But more than that, I get far fewer headaches in general, I feel more energized, less mopey, and with an improve sense of well-being.

I have recommended your site to many other women; one of my friends, Tina, just ordered several products to begin her new regimen (currently weaning herself from synthetic HRT). I hope she finds them as helpful as I have. Thank you for a great product, for keeping us informed, and making it simple to simply improve one's life.


"It has been a real pleasure..."
Ann - Newton, MS

I love you and your attitude toward me. It has been a real pleasure doing business with an honest and caring woman.


"noticed results soon after I tried my first bottle ..."
Kathy - Washington, IA

Just writing to let you know I've received the first bottle of Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream as a preferred member. I had noticed results soon after I tried my first bottle and sure don't want to run out! So thank you for offering this convenient way to receive it in a timely manner.

I chose your brand over others because I did not want to have extra ingredients in with the NPC. My hot flashes and night sweats have significantly decreased. I also think I am having less headaches. We have osteoporosis in our family so I am really hopeful that I can avoid that by using your progesterone cream. Time will tell! I love the precise dosing as well.

I have recommended it to my sister who had tried another cream without much result is going to order some soon. I am anxious to hear what she thinks of Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone.

I feel great!! Thank you!


"thank God for this cream ..."
Shelley - Garson, Ontario, Canada

I've got to say thank God for this cream. I have fibrocystic breast disease and was to the point where wearing my bra about 5 days before my menstrual cycle and up to my menstrual cycle was torture - I'd have to go without. Now I don't have any problems.

Many thanks,


"virtually symptom free ..."
Lyn - Wichita, KS

I thought I should say something to you about how the progesterone cream is working! Anyway, just wanted to drop a note now to say that I have had about two months that have been virtually symptom free. I had results immediately upon starting the cream over a year ago, but seemed to have two to three really bad days every month (very cyclical and very predictable) with aching, fatigue and non-stop headache. I increased the cream, by about double the amount, and have been doing great. I will try to start cutting back now as advised to find the amount I can maintain on. So all this to say THANK YOU for your wonderful product.


"Target dosing is so easy this way ..."
Iris - Fresh Meadows, NY

This order was my second. I have been using natural progesterone cream for nearly a year with success but wanted a pump type so my dosing would be consistent. I do not believe when you use a tube and measuring spoon, or eye-balling, you will be consistent.

I found your product while searching and gave it a try. I enjoy the multiple pumps that are needed as you can get more accuracy with them, as opposed to just one pump or two daily. Target dosing is so easy this way. You can actually determine the exact amount of mg of progesterone you are taking daily.

When I order it is for myself and a friend who I have shown how helpful the cream is. For myself who is menopausal I use 3 pumps in morning and 4 at night. I use it 25 days on and 4/5 days off. I have zero return of problems on those off days. Thank you,


"eliminated the hot flashes ..."
Pam - East Amherst, NY

I have been quite pleased using your progesterone cream as it has eliminated the hot flashes. :-) If only its magic worked for the extra fatness around my waistline! But maybe that magic lies in a bit less ice cream! Thanks for everything ..I will be in contact again soon.


"This cream is a God send!!!!! ..."
Doris - Baltimore, MD


I am almost on my second week of Awakening Women Progesterone Cream with one week to go. Wow, I can not believe the difference in this month as opposed to the last 2 to 3 years. No bloating, I'm not fatigued all day or pie- eyed all night. I've only had sleep disturbance 2 to 3 nights, but went right back to sleep. I have not taken one after work nap. I feel great!!!! This cream is a God send!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am that I have ordered this cream and I know I will be a customer for a long time.


"none have worked as well as yours ..."
Marta - Seminole, FL


I've been using your progesterone cream for a while & it has made a world of difference with my hot flashes, irritability & sleeplessness. I have tried several other brands, but none have worked as well as yours. Thank you!


"I noticed a change immediately ..."
Juana - Austin, TX


Thank you for your follow up. I did want to tell you, I noticed a change immediately. About three days into the treatment, I even saw a new look in my face like a light glow, my hands, and the best part is that the intense menstrual bleeding that I had been suffering for two or so years changed to a normal period. It's amazing, my periods would drain all the energy out of me you could see it in my face, my hands. I would go to the ladies room and felt like I was being torn inside out. I knew there was a imbalance there and when I started researching on the internet, I knew this was right for me. I don't want to be on the pill anymore, I use other method(s) of contraception. The pill always made me sick etc. and I knew that in addition to that I was probably going to get a hormone treatment from the doctors, yet I thought I give this a try, and I tell you I can feel the difference. Thank you so much,


"I slept all night with NO night sweats! ..."
Glenda - Haskell, OK

Thanks so much! I tried adjusting my dosage last night and I slept all night w/NO night sweats! You are awesome! Thanks again! :-)


"more balanced for the first time in approx. 5 years ..."
Jilly - Llandrindod Wells, Powys UK

Just to let you know that the latest shipment of Awakening Woman has arrived here safely today- what superb delivery! Thank You!!!

I've been using the cream for 3 months now & am feeling a whole lot better- my body is beginning to feel more balanced for the first time in approx. 5 years.


"I am very impressed ..."
Charlotte - Hounslow, UK

I have been using the product for the last two months and have to say I am very impressed indeed. I have previously displayed various symptoms which I hope this will address but the most noticeable effect so far has been an improvement in my skin (no breakouts at all) and my mood has been much more even and I have felt more rational!


"happy, happy, happy! ..."
Pam - Barrigada, Guam

I just wanted to let you know of the success I have had using Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream. I started using it because a friend told me it might help me. I had been trying to conceive, but I have extremely irregular periods because of PCOS, and fertility drugs only made everything worse. After 2 months on natural progesterone, my period was regular. The third month I was PREGNANT!!! I am now almost 7 weeks pregnant. My husband and I are happy, happy, happy! We believe that God used natural progesterone to make this baby possible.

I tell everyone about your product, which is especially convenient because it comes in the pump dispenser. I also appreciate your fast service. The cream always gets to me in a week, which is amazing because I live on Guam. I have lost track of how many people have ordered from you because of what natural progesterone has done for me. Thank you from a satisfied customer.


"Such a difference in my life!!!!! ..."
Wanda - West Palm Beach, FL

Hey everyone at Alternative Medicine Network,

Just wanted to tell you that I love the Progesterone cream! Such a difference in my life!!!!! Thanks for providing such great products that work so well.


"such a great, safe product ..."
Jennifer - Leesburg, OH

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for such a wonderful product. I purchased your progesterone cream almost two years ago now because I had a hormonal imbalance and was unable to get pregnant. We had been trying to conceive for three years before that unsuccessfully. Five months after starting your cream I became pregnant and we now have a beautiful 7 month old baby girl.

My doctor wanted to run all kinds of other tests after the initial blood test and unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) my insurance wouldn't cover any of it so I had to look for a different way. Knowing I was low in progesterone, I thought I would give your cream a try. Once I was pregnant, I went in for my first office visit and the doctor said "Wow, I didn't expect to see you here! What did you do so I can tell other women?!"

So thanks again for making such a great, safe product and for helping me have the best gift God could ever give to someone.


"lasts A LONG TIME! ..."
Robin - Farmington, IA

Alt Med,

1 bottle lasts A LONG TIME! Thanks again and I do like the product!


"What a difference this single product has made ..."
Debra - Tucson, AZ

Thank you for this information, and your wonderful product. I am already finding relief from the daily hot flashes and night sweats. I have been able to sleep without waking up numerous time throughout the night dripping wet or suffer from a hot flash throughout the day. What a difference this single product has done to improve my attitude and quality of life.


"I feel like a new 41 year woman ..."
Nelly - Cypress, TX

Thank you for your personal note regarding my order. I want to let you know that I was diagnosed with a complex fibroid on my left ovary and my OB recommended immediate surgery to remove the fibroid and possibly the ovary. I had normal periods and no symptoms. I had been using the birth control pill for many years and was told by my OB that I should continue to take the pill since it helps to reduce/eliminate fibroids. However, my OB could not explain why I had this complex fibroid. I decided to go for a 2nd opinion and at the same time started surfing the net to get educated on fibroids and what causes them. I found your web site and was very interested in reading Dr. Lee's book on Perimenopause and using the cream. I read the book and I started using the cream a few days before my 2nd ultrasound (day 8 of my cycle, 2 pumps twice a day) and also changed my diet. A week later, my 2nd opinion OB called to give me the results of the 2nd ultrasound. Guess what, it came back normal and the fibroid disappeared. No surgery is needed and I feel like a new 41 year woman.

Thank you so much for having your web site available for information and easy product ordering. I will continue to order the Progesterone cream for long term use to prevent other problems. Also, I have spread the word to family and friends and some of them have already ordered the book and cream.


Jean - Clayton, NY



"I finally slept all the way through the night ..."
Lorna - Waco, TX

Thanks for your encouraging and timely message regarding progesterone therapy. It is very helpful because indeed some symptoms were immediately relieved, some are just beginning to abate, and others are still a problem. I promise I won't stop no matter what, however. I received the progesterone cream Friday, and last night (Monday night) I finally slept all the way through the night for the first time since way last year sometime. For many months now I have been averaging 2-3 hours a night. Last night I slept 7 hours. You can feel good, that you have chosen to earn your living by doing a wonderful service, which is very cheap at the price and available to all. I can't even afford health insurance, yet I can get this wonderful relief because of you. The information and support you give along with the medicine is even more helpful, and free. Your sex cream (Satisfaction) was a spectacular success. It does everything your website says it does, and with no delay. Thanks a million!


"my whole attitude has changed completely ..."

Ophelia - Bronx, NY

I'm at that age where perimenopausal symptoms are starting to come out. I have read and research a lot of products that could help alleviate my symptoms. I couldn't sleep very well and instead of hot flashes, I had the opposite symptom. I've been having chills at night. Often times I would wake up in the middle of the night shivering to my bones. I've been having a lot of mood swings too. My daughters call me very moody.

I've been surfing the internet until by accident I saw your web site. I've read the testimonials of other women and I was kind of impressed at what I've read from them. I know I have discussed my problems with my OB/GYN doctor and he would brush it off a lot of times and often tells me I'm too young to have these symptoms.

I decided to try the Awakening Woman Progesterone Cream and within one week of using it I have noticed my sleep has improved a lot. Before I would take over the counter sleep tablets so I can sleep at night. After using this progesterone cream, my whole attitude has changed completely. I'm less moody and irritable, I can sleep better without the help of over the counter meds and the amazing thing is no more chills at night. However, when my first bottle was finished and I did not order right away, my symptoms started showing up again. And I told myself, never again to delay my order. I'm in your automatic order shipment now and I want to try the Satisfaction product and see if this one works. Like my doctor said I'm still young, and I still want to enjoy sex which right now I really don't have any urge or shall I say" I lost my appetite". I'll let you know if this cream works wonders. Thank you.


"I am not adding chemicals to my body I don't need or want ..."
Marcia - New Auburn, WI

Thanks for the helpful hints, I had been using too much of another brand, symptoms were returning. I stopped for 5 days, used only once for a few days, and now am back to twice a day and doing much better. What I really like about this cream, is it not so thick and I don't have to use as much, plus I am not adding chemicals to my body I don't need or want. Thank you.


" a great product that actually works! ... "
Pat - Villa Ridge, MO

I wanted to write and tell you of my experience with Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone cream.

For almost five years I was on Premarin, until the most recent studies suggested previously unknown risks. My doctor and I immediately decided I should wean off it. Within a couple of weeks, I was experiencing intense hot flashes a dozen or more times a day, the most difficult to tolerate being at night. For several weeks, my sleep was disturbed two or three times every night, as I would have to get up to try and cool off. Additionally, I was having bad headaches, which was something completely new for me. I must admit to turning to natural progesterone as a last resort, while not really convinced it would help.

I am now in my third week. Already the flashes have all but stopped. Down to two a day, first thing in the morning and in the evening, before I have applied my cream. I am also sleeping better than I have in years and now only stay up late (as tonight) if I have computer work I need to complete. The headaches have stopped altogether. But an additional bonus that I never had with Premarin. My previously non-existent libido has returned! Now, I am just hoping to regain some of my lost hair, but even if that doesn't happen, Awakening Woman will have been well worth the price and I will be recommending it to my friends of the same age.

Thanks for a great product that actually works!


"already been able to see a difference ..."
Judy - Knightdale, NC

Thanks. I have only been using it for about one week along with the multivitamin and have already been able to see a difference.


"Within only a few days of using your product I was amazed ..."
Diane - Sanford, FL

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a wonderful product!

My gynecologist strongly recommended a hysterectomy to me when I complained to her of the increasing pain I was experiencing with cramps before and after my menstrual periods. She had previously performed two D& C's for me to help me with Endometriosis (she discovered some scar tissue which she claimed needed to be scraped through expensive $$$ outpatient surgery), but after several months of surgery the pain and cramps would return.

I was very frustrated when she informed me that a hysterectomy was the only option left open to me! In doing some research on my own, I discovered Dr. John Lee's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause". When I read about the health benefits of using natural progesterone cream I decide to look for a company that manufactured in accordance with his guidelines.

I was delighted to find a your very informative web site on the internet through Google's popular search engine. I am also impressed that you ship your product to me so quickly! I am forty-six years old and have been putting up with Endometriosis pain for years!!!

Within only a few days of using your product I was amazed that my very painful cramps (which ALWAYS drove me to my bedroom with a bottle of over the counter pain pills) have almost completely disappeared! The intensity of cramps was greatly reduced immediately, and I have actually gone weeks without any pain or cramps whatsoever!

I no longer believe that I need a hysterectomy!!! Your product gets my highest recommendation! Thank you!


"really helped me keep my sanity! ..."
Karen - South Hadley, MA

I do love the progesterone cream - it's working for me! My hot flashes were unbearable and almost every hour or so all day and night long. I went off synthetic hormones in January and I've been sweating ever since, but the cream, has really helped me keep my sanity!


... I am feeling fine thanks to your product.

I am feeling fine thanks to your product. My embarrassing flushes are at a minimum now and I am able to socialize freely again! Many thanks!


"making my usage of progesterone so effortless ..."
Elaine - Williamsport, PA

Thank you for making my usage of progesterone so effortless.

I would like to share with you some of the benefits I feel with using the cream. I have noticed a decrease in the hot flashes I had been experiencing during the night, I was having some trouble with vaginal skin dryness which is totally gone, and I have noticed an improvement in a rectaceal that was diagnosed prior to my using the cream. It seems that my pelvic floor is tighter and more able to support the rectaceal than before. I am delighted.


"feeling so much better ..."
Barbara - Palm Coast, FL

I've been using the cream for about 5 weeks now. I am feeling so much better. My hot flashes have stopped and I am sleeping better also. I am using a bit more than recommended but feel it's been beneficial. Thank you for this product.


"Keep it coming, it's been a God send ..."
Rita - Bakersfield, CA

I have been using the natural progesterone cream for about one month now. I can see wonderful results already. Up to now I was having hot flashes all night long, about every hour. I'm feeling so much better since I've been using this product. Keep it coming, it's been a God send, no more hot flashes!


"I am actually living my life again ..."
Lyn - Somerton, England

I have just received my latest shipment of progesterone cream, all arrived safely on 16th February, including my free bottle, thanks very much. I have been using progesterone for about 12 months now and find it has improved my well being greatly. The temperature swings have almost gone. The craving for chocolate is reduced to a minimum, only an occasional day now. The migraine headaches are not so fierce - the pain is a lot more bearable. I now have maybe 1 or 2 days where I feel below par instead of 2 to 3 weeks. I had got to the point of surviving from one period to another. Now I am actually living my life again. And it is all thanks to this miracle cream. Yours, a very satisfied customer,


"much more relaxed ..."
Holly - Lakeside, AZ

I have been using the product for about 10 days now and have most assuredly experienced a difference in my libido. My body is, generally much more relaxed. I will be interested in seeing how the PMS goes as I approach my period. I have had severe breast tenderness in the past at times and what I'm experiencing now is less intense and considerably more tolerable. I'm planning on placing another order soon.


"he symptoms disappeared ..."
Cindy - Tualatn, OR

I am having good results from the progesterone cream and am very happy. My history is odd in that I have had vertigo for one year now. Traditional and alternative medicine have not had much effect. I have had cranial sacral manipulations, acupuncture and various herbs and vitamins. I made little progress. Diagnosis of my vertigo has alluded the physicians I went to. While surfing the net to look up autoimmune ear disorders (one diagnosis that was ruled out), I came across your article on estrogen dominance. I had many of the symptoms: anxiety, hair loss, insomnia, weight gain, tired all the time, and I was having 2 periods a month. 2 months after beginning your cream, the symptoms disappeared. But the best surprise is having the vertigo symptoms reduced to a tolerable level. Maybe they would have disappeared by themselves, but I feel the cream made the biggest difference. I love your product and will continue to use it. Thank you for a wonderful product. Have a great day.


"Thank you for making this life-changing product ..."
Barbara - Haymarket, VA

I can't tell you how much benefit I have received from the Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream! Before I began using it I was having hot flashes sixty minutes apart (like clockwork) during the day and night sweats exactly every two hours during the night. I was losing sleep at night and uncomfortable all day. All of my activities and how I functioned was centered around the hot flashes.... where I would be and how I would handle them when they came. This was my life for over three months. Then, Happy Day! I discovered Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream.

The flashes lessened in intensity after using the Natural Progesterone Cream for only one week and within two weeks they were mild enough that other people couldn't tell when I was having a hot flash. After one month I doubled the amount I was using and they went away entirely. I still am thankful for each day that I go through like a "normal person". I have currently been doing well on a lower dose. I will keep you posted if my requirements lead to needing a more frequent shipping of the cream. Thank you for making this life-changing product available.


"the cream DOES make a huge difference ..."
Mary Jo - Hurricane, West VA

Thanks Karen -

Just to let you know that the cream does make a huge difference. I have started (at the same time as taking the cream) taking some Vitamin B and Calcium/Magnesium and I do feel like a different person. I am into my 2nd cycle and have not noticed any horrible moods like I was having. I was beginning to not like being around myself so I can imagine how others felt! Thanks again!

Mary Jo

"very reasonable for the product I KNOW has the 'right stuff' ..."
Terri - Broadview, NM

I just want to take a moment to tell you why I chose your progesterone product. There are several reasons actually.

  • 1) Your company was recommended by Dr. John Lee in his book WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE. His book set me straight on many symptoms I was having and did not realize that I was experiencing pre-menopause.
  • 2) I really liked the convenience of having the product shipped directly to my home. I live 35 miles from town!
  • 3) As a preferred member I will benefit from the special prices and other 'goodies!'.
  • 4) The price is very reasonable for the product I KNOW has the 'right stuff'. (I just returned a product to a discount vitamin place because it DID NOT have the right stuff. My menopausal symptoms started returning, such as depression, dry nails/hair, red spots on my face, bloating etc.
  • 5) I also like the pre-measured pump.

Thanks so much.


"I chose yours over others ..."
Julie - Murfreesboro, NC

Thanks for the personal touch. I see why others order from you and that is why I chose yours over others on the list on Dr. Lee's web site. You responded "immediately" with an answer to my question (which others do not) and you responded TO my question (others do not directly answer questions). You have found the answer to marketing...hope you can keep it personal as you grow. Thanks again,


"I'm telling every woman I know about this wonderful product! ..."
Kathie - Honolulu, HI

I am happy to report that the progesterone cream is controlling my hot flashes and I am sleeping better at night. It took approximately 3 months before my hot flashes stopped. I still get warm, but I am not having the 'melt downs' I experienced prior to using the progesterone cream. I'm telling every woman I know about this wonderful product! Thank you! Aloha!


"your cream helped to put things into perspective again ..."

Martina - Oestringen, Germany

I am doing well. Three months ago my period returned and has done so for another two times since then. It seems I am not in menopause yet but rather in perimenopause (which is more "normal" since I am only 39). I am convinced that your cream helped to put things into perspective again and am very happy and grateful. I cherish every period that comes on - which I never did before. Thank you for your support. I will go on using progesterone cream. I understand that it is very helpful in perimenopause also.


"Sure seems to work for me! ..."
Wanda - Goodyear, AZ

The good news is that after a year of using the product only my bone density test shows a 4% improvement. That, to me, was terrific news. I am 66 years old, have had both hip joints replaced due to osteoarthritis and other defects and so I was the one to ask for my first bone density test. The first test showed I was pre-osteoporosis - now, I'm not even that. Thanks to Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream! Sure seems to work for me!


"I've finally found something that works! ..."
Sue - Monson, Maine

Thank you so much for the personal note. I am still very impressed with the progesterone cream and am finding positive results in helping to manage PMS symptoms. I have highly recommended it to women friends who share the same symptoms. My quality of life (and my family's!) sure has improved since using your product (and, believe me, I've tried many things). Getting adequate sleep, exercise, and good nutrition are the other cornerstones along with progesterone cream that make up my management plan. I'm actually looking forward to perimenopause and menopause, knowing that I've finally found something that works! I just wish more women could learn about this alternative so it could help improve their quality of life - need to keep getting the word out. Thanks so much again.


"I am most impressed ..."
JCC - the Bahamas

Thank you for your concerned phone call. Few companies take the trouble to call us here in the Bahamas when they realize that overseas rates will apply! I appreciate your taking the trouble to verify any possible discrepancy in the ordering information I sent to you. I also appreciate the advice concerning international shipping and your accommodations of my special packaging requirements. I am most impressed with your customer service already! I was also thrilled that I was able to watch your firm's video production ONLINE without having to wait for it arrive in the mail. Especially since getting mail delivery to a 45 acre island in the middle of nowhere is always expensive and time consuming. But most of all, I appreciated the instant availability of additional information that I could use before deciding to purchase your products. And I was convinced, hence my order. Regards,


"My life is changed dramatically, I'm so happy and relieved! ..."
Leann - New Britain, CT

I am so thrilled and relieved that I've found something to help my PMS, mainly insomnia. I'm 40 and never had a problem until after my first child 2 years ago. My period came back 6 months postpartum and each cycle got worse and worse.

I went to my Primary Care physician who prescribed first sleeping pills, then, antidepressants. I told her I was sure I wasn't depressed, I have an extremely supportive husband and that it seemed hormonal since my insomnia, moodiness and subsequent anxiety kicked in the day of ovulation and subsided once my cycle began again. She said even if it is hormonal this is the only way to treat it. She sent me to an endocrinologist, back to my OBGYN, the Sleep Disorders Center, all while spending money I didn't have on numerous co-pays and prescriptions. They wanted me to go on the pill but it always made my blood pressure go up. I was on Ambien, Trazadone, Serafem, Klonopin, Ativan, and also tried lots of OTC sleep aids to no avail. Some drugs made the insomnia worse. I was terrified of addiction. The nurse told me to "stick it out" since the drugs often took up to a month to work. Many of them made my insomnia worse. I was convinced it was hopeless, my self esteem plummeted, my hair was falling out and worst of all, I knew there was no way I could give my daughter a sibling in my condition. My clock was ticking loudly, and my husband and I wanted another baby so badly but I was a mess. At times, I felt unable to care for my daughter. Words cannot express how despondent I was.

During this time my oldest sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Now, her treatment is over and we're hopeful. My other sister just was found to have hyperplasia and is on tamoxifen for 5 years. Estrogen dominance is a factor in breast cancer which I never knew until recently.

I was so confused because I had no history of problems and had been journaling for 6 months...I KNEW it was hormonal. I sprung for a saliva test on my own, through the internet. The estrogen/progesterone ratio is supposed to be between 100-200. Mine was 16. After doing very little research on the internet, I found out about Natural Progesterone. After less than 2 weeks using it my symptoms are 80% better. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I also know I'm helping to lower my risk of breast cancer.

I never would have found all this out if I didn't do my own research. I have friends and I know countless women are suffering needlessly. FOUR doctors never mentioned this treatment even though I told everyone I thought it was hormonal.

My life is changed dramatically, I'm so happy and relieved! I've told my friends to please try Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream, and hopefully they'll have a similar story!


"yours was the most pleasant ..."
Carrie - Willmar, MN

I tried many different brands for progesterone, and yours was the most pleasant in many ways, including the scent of it, the consistency and absorption of it, and the dosage pump is wonderful! I will definitely recommend you to any others that I think will benefit from your product! Thank you again, and best regards!


"I feel alive again ..."
Joyce - Cramlington, Northumberland, England

Thank you for your recent email regarding my use of natural progesterone cream. I'm sorry I have taken so long to reply. The reason being that my life has been transformed. I am so busy doing things I had no energy to do these past two years. I cannot tell you how much better I have felt since starting the cream and it would be impossible to ever express my gratitude to you for developing such a wonderful product. The main improvement I have found is my total relief from anxiety and panic attacks. The depression I have suffered for two years has lifted and I feel alive again. It's wonderful! I am telling all my friends about natural progesterone and encouraging them to try it and read the book. I will continue to use the cream and will be ordering more in the not too distant future. Thanks again for everything. I will be in touch.


"relieved my hot flashes and night sweats completely!!! ..."
Marianne - Patchogue, NY

I would like to reschedule my automatic delivery. Please send me the cream every 8 weeks. I have found that I do not need to use it twice a day, as once a day has relieved my hot flashes and night sweats completely!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful product.


"haven't had a hot flash or night sweat ..."
Renee - Baton Rouge, LA

I am very impressed with this cream. It took about 3 weeks for it to kick in, but once it did, I haven't had a hot flash or night sweat since. I'm so happy to have been introduced to this product! Thanks,


"I am very happy ..."
Carol - Powell, OH

I feel excellent after taking the progesterone cream. I feel calmer and unstressed. My memory is sharper and my verbal skills better. This was a complete surprise! I am very happy. I am stopping my Estratest prometrium combination at the suggestion of my gynecologist. I was having high blood pressure and an extremely high LDL cholesterol readings. I had never had this before the estrogen-testosterone therapy! I was also gaining a ton of weight UGH. I am going in Jan. for a new blood pressure, cholesterol reading and will let you know what they find. I think my progesterone has been low relative to the estrogen for a long time! I am glad I read Dr. Lee's book, it was fascinating. Thank you,


"I have already seen dramatic differences ..."
Beth - London, United Kingdom

I have had the cream for only 3 days and I have already seen dramatic differences in the way my face looks. My skin was very bumpy and the acne was so noticeable that I didn't want to leave my house. I now have a clear face and I want others to know what the cream can do for them. I have had other signs of perimenopause, due to the complete hysterectomy, one year ago in August. I have only got one ovary left and have noticed that I'm not getting enough of what I need to stay in balance with just the one. I'm very happy and pleased with what the progesterone cream has done for me. Thanks so much for the emails. It is nice to know that someone out there knows how important it is to feel balanced and normal.


"This is exactly what I needed ..."
Michelle - Oceanside, CA


I have been using the progesterone cream for about 3 months now and WOW, what a difference it has made. I feel more balanced, less moody and emotional. I also feel I have more of a desire to be intimate with my husband. This is exactly what I needed, it has helped me tremendously! Thank you.


"Thanks for supplying this precious resource ..."
Candace - Coldstream, BC Canada

I have just completed three cycles of using the progesterone cream. I had an endometrial ablation operation before beginning the cream. The operation didn't work for me, as heavy periods with clotting returned after 8 weeks. My doctor informed me that I was heading for a hysterectomy. However, I stuck with the progesterone cream routine, avoided sugars and white flour products, avoided tap water and reduced my hormone-induced meat consumption, attended yoga classes, got my head around reducing stress in my life, and so far I'm winning. My periods after three cycles are regular and lasting only three days. One day is heavy, but the clots are gone! I'm confident that I will be able to avoid the hysterectomy for my dysfunctional uterine bleeding problem. Everything I'm doing is for my health, the added bonus is the 2 to 3 pounds a week dropping off, which again lowers my estrogen dominance level.
Thanks for supplying this precious resource. Bfn,


"I know it works for me! ..."
Susan - Greenbrier, AR

I received my order of Progesterone Cream today. I had been out for almost two weeks and I could really tell a difference in the amount and intensity of my hot flashes. I'm really glad I ran out because now I know it works for me!

Thank you for a wonderful product. I'll let you know if we need to make any more adjustments in delivery. Thanks again,

P.S. I appreciate your prompt and caring help!


"definitely superior ..."
Illa - Urbandale, IA

I've been using your progesterone cream for about three weeks. I previously had used another brand. Your cream is definitely superior in its absorption capability and leaves no residue. I love the dispensing pump as I was not very good at guessing. I also have sent in for hormone testing. Keep up the good products...and pricing.


"I feel like "myself" again ..."
Anne - Nehalem, OR

This product has made a huge difference for me, it has made me feel so much more productive and functional. I feel like "myself" again. I can't say enough good things about Awakening Woman.


"my symptoms of perimenopause virtually disappeared!!!! ..."
Holly - Clermont, FL


I just wanted to let you know that the second week of using the progesterone cream that I ordered, my symptoms of perimenopause virtually disappeared!!!! After 21 days, I stopped the cream and restarted again 8 days later. I cannot believe the results. I had irregular bleeding and many, many tests prior to using your cream. I also went through my first D&C at age 40 this past year!!! Two months later, I again was plagued with this "abnormal" bleeding throughout the month. I returned to my doctor and started Depo Provera for 3 months for birth control until my husband returned to the urologist for post-vasectomy follow-up! I had no bleeding on that shot, so I assumed it was due to a hormonal cause. I revisited my gyn and she agreed but told me to wait another 6 mos. before starting the progesterone cream. Well, I couldn't do it ...... she did assure me that she would work with me, but not until January! I just could not wait any longer, it was ruining my marriage! Since starting the cream my life has returned to normal again. I will revisit my gyn and inform her in January, but until then I am going to enjoy every day of my life again!!! Thanks again,


"what a difference you have made to my life ..."
Diane - Kilsyth South, VIC Australia

I just wanted to let you know what a difference Dr. Lee and you have made to my life. Quite by chance I saw a US health program on cable television that looked at Dr. Lee's work and bells went off in my head. I jumped straight on the Internet and found your wonderful web site and all of the information I could want. I have sent off my saliva test and went straight on my cream. I have now been on the cream for 16 days and have lost 5 kgs. My appetite is back to what it was in my 20's, my sleep is back to pre-babies in its length and quality, I have the flexibility of a 20 year old and my body shape is returning to normal. I no longer have sugar cravings and I don't cry at the drop of a hat anymore (I even used to cry during soppy ads).

It is particularly satisfying to know that I do not have to take estrogen anymore as my mother was diagnosed with estrogen feeding breast cancer 3 years ago and her mother actually died of the condition. I have been telling anyone who will listen that they need to read Dr. Lee's work and make an informed decision on their own treatment and then discuss it with their doctor. Only by women taking control and educating their own GP's will we change the perception of female hormones and their role in our lives. Thank you once again and I will be placing regular orders for the cream.


"what a relief it is ..."
Carol - Stahlstown, PA

I haven't had hot flashes in about two months now. Another great "side effect" of the progesterone cream is that I've only experienced one major migraine since starting the cream. That in itself is a tremendous accomplishment. I was averaging about five migraines a month. That last migraine was in June and it's now the end of September. Do you know what a relief it is not to have to worry about migraines?


"NO mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness ..."
Catherine - Phoenix, AZ


I have been using the progesterone cream for 3 weeks. I am a day away from my period and NO mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness. I am sleeping much better and waking up refreshed. I almost think I am imagining this! My doc for the past 6 years keeps pushing anti-depressants for symptoms such as stress, irritability, mental fogginess at times, mild anxiety, poor sleep. I did not tolerate those drugs well even on a minuscule dose. I have mentioned several times perhaps its hormones. He just seems to brush that aside. I recently tried effexor for 3 weeks (I called them my lobotomy pills because even on a small dose of 18.75 mg daily I was practically drooling) I stopped those within 2 weeks. I have been off 2 weeks and at the same time started the cream. I feel great, not depressed, very sharp, much calmer yet more stamina, I have my sense of humor back, less anxiety. Interesting.

I only use the cream at night right now. I'm sure it's helping me sleep better so I'd like to use it nightly. Thank you for such a great product. I will be spreading the word.Thanks.


"your cream seems to be working much better for me ..."
Carol - Brookings, OR

I did try another brand of progesterone cream when I started, but yours seems to be working much better for me. I have talked to my friends and family members about your product and have gotten them started on it to try to see if it will work for them too.. with info from Dr. John Lee's books. Thank you,


"more energy and stamina already ..."
Linda - Reddick, FL

I have been applying the cream for one week now, and I feel great. I seem to have more energy and stamina already. Thanks again. I will no doubt continue to use the cream for a long time now.


"my life is coming together again ..."
Sara - Northumberland, UK

The cream is working great. I have told everyone about how good it is as I am so pleased. Plus the big bonus, I am having a period, a big thing if you have PCOS. Thank you so much, my life is coming together again, I feel great. Thank you so much, I can't thank you enough. All my love.


"what a wonderful thing I was doing for myself by trying this cream ..."
Marcia - Peoria, Il

I have been using this cream for 6 weeks now. This is my second order. I am premenopausal. I have had a serious case of Rosacea and did not even understand why my face was clearing up until I realized it was the cream. I am now sleeping better, I have stopped gaining weight - which (gaining wt) was scaring me, my frame of mind is better at work as I am thinking more clearly. I am REALLY surprised have a lot more energy now than I did 3 months ago. I did not really understand what a wonderful thing I was doing for myself by trying this cream. I am going to start buying it for my 85 year old mother. Thank you for selling such a great product. I am telling every woman I know to try it. Forget estrogen. I'll take natural progesterone for the rest of my life.


"The cream has kicked in and no hot flashes!!!!! ..."
Janet - Silver Lake, WI

Hello Karen,

I got some good news. The cream has kicked in and no hot flashes!!!!! I'm very thankful!!!! And I have been sleeping good too. I needed to give it time. I'm so glad I chose the cream over the estrogen. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for your help.


"probably use your cream for the rest of my life ..."
Diana - Berlin, MD

I have been using your progesterone cream since January. Last year, I suddenly developed severe migraine headaches which I never had in my life (I'm 48). I thought they must be hormonally related.

After 9 months of doctor's appointments, three E.R. visits, tons of different meds, and 30 some episodes, I found Dr. Lee's book and decided right away to try the progesterone cream. I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE MIGRAINE HEADACHE SINCE! It was a miracle for me! I was really at the end of my rope, so frustrated. I'll probably use your cream for the rest of my life.

I am a professional counselor and have told many of my clients (in that 30-50 age range) about it. Apparently your cream was all that I needed to fix my very unbalanced, pre-menopause hormones. My doctor said that before I started the cream I probably had zero progesterone in my body. Even he was amazed, and all of his staff as well, that the progesterone cream totally ended my migraines. I am a highly satisfied customer. Thank you so much. Sincerely,


"improved quality of life for me and my family ..."
Susan - Monson, ME

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your personal attention to my previous order. I also wanted to thank you for making such a superior product! I have been using my Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream and am very pleased with the results - a month of emotional calm and no PMS! I have been searching for the answer and this seems to be it! I have just ordered more, on the preferred customer plan and look forward to an improved quality of life for me and my family. Thanks again.


"I don't know what I did without it! ..."
Shanta - St. Albert, Alberta Canada

As long as I have my cream, it doesn't matter to me how and when it gets here. I don't know what I did without it! It's working wonderfully. I have had quite a few compliments that I am looking younger. I have lost a little weight and people say that I don't look as tired and that I have a lot of life in my face. I never got those compliments before my progesterone cream! (I haven't changed anything else.) Thanks for your great service Karen!


"I feel like I used to before menopause ..."
Kathy - Jonesboro, GA

I want to let you know how happy I am with Awakening Woman Progesterone Cream. I have been using other progesterone creams, E.... and B...... and others for several years and never felt as good as when I began using Awakening Woman. The changes that are most dramatic are change in libido and my sense of balance emotionally. I feel like I used to before menopause and that is amazing to report, yet it is true. I am beginning my third bottle of Awakening Woman so the changes occurred quite rapidly. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product. I intend to purchase other products soon. Wishing you great success,


Cynthia - Schofield, WI


WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT HAS MADE IN MY LIFE!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I have been sharing this wonderful news with as many of my friends as possible. It is a true Godsend. Thank you for marketing it ....


"I absolutely love it ..."
Pat - Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the follow up on my recent purchase. It's refreshing to see a company actually have some customer service in this day and age! I have been using the cream 2x daily for the past 4 days. I absolutely love it. I am experimenting with getting off Zoloft and usually after 3 days of not taking it, I begin to feel dizzy, lightheaded and off-balance. I've complained to my doctor about this and his response was to reduce the mg dosage and every other day.

I'm in the 4th day of being zoloft-free and have not experienced the symptoms I usually get from doing this and sincerely believe that the cream has some credit for that. I have passed your email onto a family member who is experiencing menopause, among other things. Thank you once again for the follow up and a wonderful product.


"night and day difference ..."
Susan - Flora, IL

I have my life back. I feel so great! My husband said, I know it's working because we don't talk about it everyday. It's a night and day difference.


"really quite MIRACULOUS ..."
Ann - Hof, DE Bavaria

Thanks for your kind and prompt attention to my order. The progesterone cream is really quite MIRACULOUS in smoothing out the physical and emotional jags of this 49 year old! When the pump runs dry I start to panic! I'll keep in touch.


"I got better results from YOUR product ..."
Pat - New Richmond, IN

This stuff is great. I have recommended it to about 6 of my "50-ish" girlfriends and of those that have tried it are getting results too. I had lots of problems with fibrocystic breasts, irritability, weight gain, sleeplessness, night sweats, etc. After about 3 years of it being REALLY bad, I found out about your product (through the book by John Lee, MD). I bought some of your product; then I tried some from a compounding pharmacy. I don't know what the real difference between the two products was, but I got better results from YOUR product, so I went back to using it - even though my Rx insurance does not cover it this way. I dropped all the extra weight I had gained in the last 3 years and I look and feel wonderful. My periods are still irregular, but have gotten much lighter and are less frequent, which at age 50, is very welcome. My husband is happier with me; my work is able to progress "as in the old days," and I don't feel plagued by all the worries of new and funny feelings. I could go on ad infinitum, but I'm sure you've heard it all before. Thanks.


"helped so many women ..."
Margaret - Denver, CO

I have been using the cream since January of this year and I feel that it has made my life better. In fact, I have told so many people about your product. Both of my daughters are using it and in turn they have spread the word to their friends. Thank you for making this cream - it has helped so many women.


"more energy and stamina already ..."
Linda - Northport, AL

Thank you very much for the update. I'm looking forward to receiving the second bottle that I ordered. I have been applying the cream for one week now, and I feel great. I seem to have more energy and stamina already. Thanks again. I will no doubt continue to use the cream for a long time now.


"Since trying the cream I've felt more "together" ..."
Wendy - Everett, WA

I have been on this cream for almost 1 month. I think I have bad perimenopausal symptoms and thought that the cream would help. My Dr. had prescribed Provera about 2 years ago but it seemed to make me go nuts! I immediately quit. I also went from a size 6 to a size 12 in about 8 months!!! I was having severe anxiety and panic prior to the weight gain. The weight would NOT budge. And this is after 1 year of eating an all natural vegetarian diet 70% of the time and working out 3-5 times a week and gardening! Since trying the cream, I've felt more "together". I feel like "life" is flowing through me. My weight gain seems to have stopped increasing. I don't hold as much water. I have a lot more energy and I'm no longer depressed for any length of time. Now, I don't know if it's the cream or my imagination. All I know is that something had to change....I do know for a fact that my body does not tolerate synthetic drugs very well. I give my body all natural when I can find it. Thanks for offering this product at an affordable price! Sincerely,


"I feel a real difference when I don't use it ..."
Georgia - Farmington, MO

Thanks for sending my order ASAP. I was out and really needed it. I started using the cream last year and really liked it. I feel a real difference when I don't use it. I have referred several women to your product and ran out because I shared it with others - it is a great thing and I am on the warpath with any type of estrogen supplements and tell as many menopausal women about the downfalls of taking too much estrogen. I know all about it as I am a breast cancer survivor whose tumor was either caused or fed by Premarin which I took for 17 years--highest dose. The package you mailed to my daughter in Australia was an introduction to your product - she has severe PMS and I am sure it will help her. Thanks.


"I love your product ..."
Mary - Shreveport, LA


I have automatic shipping with you guys and I love your product. I can not believe that little bottle holds that much, in fact I still have the first bottle that I ordered from you probably 2 months ago. I received my automatic shipment about 3 weeks ago. Once again thank you for a great product. Sincerely,


"feeling more alive!!! ..."
Holly - Lakeside, AZ

I am a repeat customer of yours. I recently took a break from the progesterone cream because I felt like giving my body a little freedom and to see what would happen. Well, I am reordering because I just feel better when I am using the Progesterone. My mood is much better on the cream, and I am more effective in my daily life. In the past, I have often felt disoriented and seemed to be a little more absent minded about 2 weeks before my monthly period, but I really did notice a HUGE difference when I started to use the progesterone cream. I felt more alert, alive, and content. I have been singing the praises of this cream. I have not had an irregular period since I started on this regimen, which were occurring monthly; and still, after my "first"(hopefully last) D&C at age 40. When starting the cream, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms and overall physical health in less than a month's time! I will be using your product this month and am looking forward to feeling more alive!!! Thanks,


"helped relieve EVERY symptom of menopause I had ..."
Sabriga - Oakland, CA

FYI: the progesterone cream has helped relieve EVERY symptom of menopause I had - hot flashes, sweating, body odor, weepiness, irregular menses. I'm only taking half the recommended dose, i.e., once daily. I think it's effective for me in this low dosage because I'm (1) pretty healthy overall (2) just beginning menopause (within this past year). Thanks for your response to my inquiries. Best wishes for a holiday season of peace and a new year of even more peace. Sincerely,


"already an improved outlook ..."
Mary - Overland Park, KS

I've used the cream for the second day and already feel my libido improving as well as an improved outlook (difficult to explain exactly). I am perimenopausal and have tried a lot of things over the course of a year. BTW thanks for the accurate info on your web site.


"slept better than I have in 5 years ..."
Dara - Robinson, IL

I just wanted to thank you for your email and to tell you that after only 3 days, I was feeling the results from this cream! That very day, I had more energy, and slept better than I have in 5 years, no kidding. I started using it March 12th, which just happened to be the week before my period, lucky me, because for the first time, since I was 15 years old, (I'm almost 36 now), I had a virtually PMS free cycle. So, I got to see the results immediately. I was due for my period today, and it has not shown yet. This could be very good news, because my husband and I are trying to conceive and I have had multiple miscarriages in the past. Wouldn't it be great if we got pregnant after using this cream for only one cycle?!? Thank you so much for selling such a wonderful product, I will definitely be a returning customer. I can't wait to tell my women friends and family about your products.


"added a new dimension to my quality of life ..."
Judy - Floyd, VA

I'm 51 years old still having regular periods so I use the cream from day 12 to 26. I find Awakening Woman Natural Progesterone Cream to be very effective RE: hot flashes, (disappeared completely after 1 month's use) dry vagina cleared up therefore, no pain during intercourse, I sleep better now and have more energy. It's wonderful and it's added a new dimension to my quality of life.


"a spectacular success ..."
Lorna - Waco, TX

Thanks for your encouraging and timely message regarding progesterone therapy. It is very helpful because indeed some symptoms were immediately relieved, some are just beginning to abate, and others are still a problem. I promise I won't stop no matter what, however. I received the progesterone cream Friday, and last night (Monday night) I finally slept all the way through the night for the first time since way last year sometime. For many months now I have been averaging 2-3 hours a night. Last night I slept 7 hours. You can feel good, that you have chosen to earn your living by doing a wonderful service, which is very cheap at the price and available to all. I can't even afford health insurance, yet I can get this wonderful relief because of you. The information and support you give along with the medicine is even more helpful, and free. Your sub-lingual sex spray (WomanPower) was a spectacular success. It does everything your site says it does, and with no delay. Thanks a million!


"a company that cares ..."
Katie - Toledo, OH

Thank you!! It is so nice to meet a company that cares!...

"I really appreciate your service ..."
Maggie - Zurich, Basel Switzerland

I really appreciate your service, your efficiency, your care and not least of all, your product. I am just getting started with the progesterone cream and I am looking forward to being able to report on the results. Thanks a lot,


"I am now a true believer ..."
Barbara - Ocean Springs, MS

I just placed my second order for Progesterone Cream this morning. I did order two bottles on the preferred plan. I really like your personal attention to each order.

I am now a true believer and would like to write a testimonial! I discovered I had "gone through the change" only about three months ago. I had been on The Pill for years, and almost never had a period while taking it. Shortly after the first of the year I went off the Pill at my DR's recommendation. Within days I was having hot flashes, mood swings, oily face and hair, pimples, horribly interrupted sleep. Still I was amazed when my GYN told me, I was in menopause. I'm ONLY 46 years old, and my older sister hasn't gotten into menopause yet. She is supposed to go first! My DR offered me HRT and I almost took him up on it. My Mother had breast cancer at age 45, so that put me in a higher than normal risk category. But I was desperate for some relief!

Several different women suggested I try progesterone cream. I found your web site on the Internet and liked the letters I read recommending your product. So I ordered. It has been almost two months since I started using progesterone cream twice daily and I am better than ever. I sleep well with NO HOT FLASHES. I am so happy. I have been trying to sell my sister on progesterone cream (she is 49) but I think she is in denial about menopause, like I was! I feel better physically and emotionally. Before I was a bundle of nerves and cried at the slightest hurt to my feelings. Now I wake up feeling good and ready to handle whatever may come my way.

You have a great product that I would recommend highly to any woman approaching mid-life. Thanks for helping save mine!


"a registered nurse who worked for 20 years in OB/GYN. Wish I had known then what I know now! ..."
Susan - North East, PA

I am liking the results of the progesterone cream. I am a registered nurse who worked for 20 years in OB/GYN. Wish I had known then what I know now!... I am praising your product to my friends ... here in the mid-west this solution to perimenopausal symptoms has not been widely accepted by the medical community. We need their support and I'm doing my best to convince my circle of friends in the medical community! Thanks,


"It is amazing ..."
Donna - Marinette, WI

I haven't been able to always remember to use it like I should, but I do know one thing. The breast tenderness is basically GONE! I would have sore breasts for approximately two weeks out of the month. Then I read Dr. Lee's book and thought I would give the cream a try. It is amazing. I worry about Breast Cancer, two of my father's sisters had it, and another sister died with cancer that was all over by the time they found it. (Maybe it started in the breast too, who knows). I am now looking into all kinds of natural remedies for any kind of sickness. I am also looking at eating properly. Have a beautiful week. Sincerely.


"already I have noticed amazing results ..."
Kate - Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK


I recently purchased your progesterone cream and have been only using it for 13 days and already I have noticed amazing results. My usual headache for a start hasn't happened! (As of yet anyway!!) (Albeit I did adjust the dosage slightly to 2 x pumps twice a day from day 14 to help reduce my tiredness symptoms.)


"unpleasant symptoms have disappeared ..."
Ann - Brisbane, QLD Australia

I have to say that my hair has thickened up wonderfully in the few months I have been using the cream and several other unpleasant symptoms have disappeared. Kind Regards,

Ann G.

"exceptional improvements in PMS, water retention, fibrocystic breasts, weight loss, etc., etc. ..."
Illa - Urbandale, IA

Thanks so much for your time. I am just ready to order another shipment as I have sold all my extras to my friends. I continue to tell everyone about your great product and the benefits I receive from it. All my current users report exceptional improvements in their PMS, water retention, fibrocystic breasts, weight loss, etc., etc. (They are too numerous to mention.) Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season.

Illa (second testimonial letter)

Sue - Hurst Green, Etchingham, E.Sussex, United Kingdom

I went to my local library and starting looking through a few psychology books and found one called "Natural Progesterone". Something clicked with me and when my husband came home from work I was begging him to get onto the Internet and to find me some from somewhere (anywhere!!). He ordered me some from your web site. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my life. I am normal again - like I was on the Depro Injections and like I was when I was pregnant. My mood has lifted, my sex drive is brilliant, I can cope with life (3 kids, husband, job, etc. etc. etc.). I cannot understand why this product is not more widely used and talked about. I have told all my friends and whenever they say they are not feeling well or they are feeling premenstrual I say get some 'AWAKENING WOMAN NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM'. I am one of these people who think - if it makes you feel good - DO IT!! I will be in touch when I run out and thanks very much for your interest in how I am going on.

Sue - England

"I am amazed at how much better I feel ..."
Cindie - Ukraine

Even my husband has told me he can tell a difference. I am amazed at how much better I feel after just 1.5 months of using the cream. Thank You!!!!

Cindie - Ukraine

"This is such a great product ..."
Nancy - Reno, NV

This is such a great product and I am very pleased. I have been using progesterone for many years. I can attest to its ability to help with the symptoms of estrogen dominance. I have used the products from the vitamin shops. But, when I found out that they don't all have the amount of progesterone in them that is ideal, I was a little disappointed. I looked on all the boxes and only found one company that put the amount of progesterone on the box. That was an education. It is through taking progesterone I have also realized that anything can go into the skin. Well, thank you for your time and information.

It is amazing how many women do not know they have options. I am an educator of modalities that can help women find optimum health. I have even put together little packets for women to educate them. Unfortunately, they only listen and do not take the time to really look into it. Today, I tell them to get John Lee's book and tell them to took up your Internet site for more information. That is how I take care of my little corner of the world and help heal the planet and ourselves. Have a super good day and thanks for being there & taking the time to offer a good product and information for our health. Light and Love,


"miracle cream ..."
Lissa - Stockbridge, GA

Thank you for sending out the cream. This timing between shipments seems to be working well as the miracle cream itself! Thanks again for such a great product! I've turned on some friends to it, and they are experiencing some great results, and that's always satisfying to know! Thanks again,


"wonderful results ..."
Valerie - Martinsville, NJ

I am having wonderful results with the cream. I am happy with the convenience of the pump and being able to receive regular shipments.


"many more orders from me in the future ..."
Gretchen - Frisco, TX

I purchase so much of my alternative medicine supplies over the internet, and it is nice to have a responsive vendor like you to work with. You will be seeing many more orders from me in the future. Have a good weekend!


"I see a difference ..."
Cheryl - Donahue, IA

I've been using your Natural Progesterone cream for about 2 months. I see a difference. I don't feel like a truck hit me before periods and I'm not moody, mean, or emotional prior to my period either.


"exceptional service ..."
Catherine - New Zealand

Thank you for your exceptional service. It has given a good boost to us of the safety of ordering online especially from out of the way New Zealand. Your package arrived today Sept 5th. We ordered on Aug 30th.


"You people are really "on top of" things! ..."
Christa - Macau, China


I just wanted to let you know that my hormone cream arrived safely in Macau. You have now successfully shipped to China! It took 14 days and wasn't questioned at all. Also, I wanted to comment on the very professional way my order was handled. You people are really "on top of" things!


"my night sweats are gone ..."
Carla - Christchurch, New Zealand

Thanks for the night sweats are gone - YEA!! Just sent in my saliva test and anxious to get those results. My doctor originally had me on 200mg per day.....way too much!!!! Your new cream seems to have leveled me back out again. THANKS!


" such a great product ..."
Holly - Clermont, FL

I just received my order from your company and I am very excited about what the future holds for me! I spoke with my GYN today and she agreed to support me in my active participation in my GYN health care! This is just the beginning and I will let you know how your product worked for me. Thank you for emailing me recently, I really appreciated that. Also, thank you for offering such a great product. Sincerely,


"Trust me, the cream is the answer ..."
Renee - Watertown, SD

I am 33 years old with estrogen dominance. I only use the cream from the 14th to the 27th day of my cycle (according to what Dr. Lee suggests). I also use a lower dosage than the normal three pumps, twice a day. I use two pumps twice a day, and I still have a bit of my first bottle left. (I ordered two to start with.) I don't intend on running out, but I am just not sure yet the schedule of ordering that I would like to have. Please pass this message on to your customers. I am suffering from estrogen dominance.

When I first became pregnant with my second child I noticed that lots of things for me had changed. My mood was a really big factor. I was crabby and that is not ME at all. I also started losing interest in sex all together (that is not ME either). My husband noticed, I noticed, my kids even noticed that something just wasn't right. Getting on progesterone cream has helped many of these symptoms. One thing you should all know before you start is, the first month on the cream was WORSE.

I knew to expect this from Dr. Lee's book, so I did not stop taking the cream. The second month was about the same, but the third month I started improving. It gets a little better each month that I am on it. It is gradual, but I tested it. I wanted to see if that was what was really making the difference. Trust me, the cream is the answer. If I miss a dose, I can tell a difference. I wish that knowledge of this were more prevalent.

I saw a show on Oprah about perimenopause, but they only barely spoke of progesterone cream. I think that is a disservice to many of the women in the world who are suffering with what they think is depression and many other mental problems and the real problem is a hormone imbalance. I believe that many women are incorrectly prescribed antidepressants and they should just be given natural progesterone cream. I won't stop using mine and I am going to tell as many women as I can about my experience.


Restore Balance natural progesterone cream

Restore Balance Cream with Natural Progesterone

Restore Balance Cream with Natural Progesterone

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SKU: AMN1041

Doctor-recommended Restore Balance Progesterone Cream relieves peri-menopausal and menopausal discomfort. With one of the purest progesterone formulas on the market and our precise-dosing pump bottle, you will feel secure in knowing exactly how much progesterone cream you are using every time.

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Get discounts on multiple bottles!


Restore Balance Cream Preferred Member (1 bottle every 8 weeks get one FREE after 12 bottles!)

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One bottle of cream sent to you every 8 weeks, two every 16 weeks or on a schedule of your choice.

(Please Note: We are unable to do recurring billing through PayPal. If PayPal is used for your order, we will need to send you an invoice for the difference for the regular progesterone cream amount with no regular shipments. As an alternative and to be able to get the Preferred Member shipments, you may call us with your debit or credit card information after placing a PayPal order so that your regular shipments can be setup.)

Coupons are not valid for ongoing shipment charges as the Preferred member pricing with the free bottle after 12 (just paying for shipping) is the best pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the 13th bottle is sent free with only shipping charged, coupons are not able to be used for this item and if applied will be removed and the full price charged.

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Restore Balance Cream Preferred (2 Bottles every 16 Weeks, Get One Free After 12 bottles)

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Receive 2 bottles of Restore Balance sent to you every 16 weeks, or on a schedule that will best suit your needs.(After 12 bottles get one Free, just pay for shipping!)

(PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to do recurring billing through PayPal. If PayPal is used for your order, we will need to send you an invoice for the difference for the regular progesterone cream amount with no regular shipments. As an alternative and to be able to get the Preferred Member shipments, you may call us with your debit or credit card information after placing a PayPal order so that your regular shipments can be setup.Your order is not able to be shipped until this is addressed.)

Coupons are not valid for ongoing shipment charges as the Preferred member pricing with the free bottle after 12 (just paying for shipping) is the best pricing.

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Restore Balance Cream Baker's Dozen

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SKU: AMN1040

Purchase 12 Restore Balance Progesterone Creams at a special discount and get one FREE! Note: Because of the value of this item, we will be sending your package via a traceable source with insurance and adding the difference in shipping costs to your card.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the 13th bottle is included free with the Baker's Dozen, coupons are not able to be used for this item and if applied will be removed and the full price charged.

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Natural Hormone Replacement Online Video with Dr. John Lee & Progesterone

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Natural Hormone Replacement Online Video Viewing featuring Dr. John Lee and one bottle of Restore Balance Natural Progesterone Cream

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Pre-Menopause Online Video with Dr. John Lee & Progesterone

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Pre-Menopause Online Video featuring Dr. John Lee and one bottle of Restore Balance Natural Progesterone Cream

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