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Turbo ProRenew Preferred (2 bottles every 16 weeks, One Free After 12 bottles)

With Our Preferred Member Program, You Will Never Have To Miss Your Turbo ProRenew and Take the Chance of Suffering From Unwanted Discomfort Again!

As A Preferred Member You Will Get:

  • Regular Shipments of Your Turbo ProRenew at Special Pricing.
  • Discounts on All of Our Products.
  • Unique Offers Only Available to Our Members!

Maintaining your balance is essential to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle as we age. It is imperative that you maintain consistent and continued application of your Turbo ProRenew or the relief you achieve from your discomfort will go away over time!

With this in mind, we are offering all of our customers the opportunity to join our Preferred Member Program, absolutely FREE.

What Will Preferred Membership Do For You?

First, it saves $1.00 a bottle! You'll pay only $21.95 per bottle plus shipping and handling, which amounts to good savings in itself. And, when you have received 12 bottles, your 13th bottle of Turbo ProRenew is absolutely FREE - you'll pay only for shipping and handling!

Preferred Members may choose to receive one bottle of Turbo ProRenew every 8 weeks or 2 bottles of Turbo ProRenew every 16 weeks to save on shipping and handling costs as well! (With 13 bottles for the price of 12, your bottles will have our lowest possible pricing!!!! If you need to have deliveries at different time intervals we would be happy to set up a schedule that would work better for you, just let us know!

Don't worry about forgetting to order your Turbo ProRenew and taking the chance of running out. Your shipment will automatically be sent to you at the timing you request. You'll never miss an application and always feel wonderful relief from your discomfort! And, if you find that the timing isn't quite right, you can just let us know how to change your shipment schedule so that your Turbo ProRenew will arrive when you need it to!

Don't worry about being locked into "auto-ship".

If at any time you want to cancel your membership, simply drop us an email or call our toll free number at 1-877-753-5424 or send an email to, and we'll take care of everything!

Convenience and No Worry!

You have enough to worry about, the last thing you want to do is to forget to order your Turbo ProRenew and miss your scheduled application. You'll soon appreciate how terrific your Turbo ProRenew makes you feel, so don't risk running out!

P.S. As an added bonus, after your second Preferred Member shipment, you will receive a special discount code for 10% off of the purchase of any other products you choose from our website. And, over time, you'll receive additional special offers designed only for our Preferred Members.

Don't miss out - sign up for Preferred Membership today!

Please note our new options:Any of the Special Value Packages with Turbo ProRenew that you are considering, can be converted to preferred shipments at check out! If you select a Special Value Package and would like to receive your Turbo ProRenew as a Preferred Member on an ongoing basis, select the preferred member option with the shipping intervals you need on the pull down menu at checkout.

P.S.S. (If you decide to place an order for Turbo ProRenew before becoming a Preferred Member, you can still benefit later on! Just let us know your original order number and date and we will give you a credit of one bottle when you decide to sign up for Preferred Membership.) That means you'll only need 11 more bottles before you get one FREE! (Only shipping and handling will be charged on your FREE bottle.)

This could be one of the easiest solutions you will ever find.

Turbo ProRenew will help end your discomfort and return you to a life of balance.

Note: When placing an order for Preferred Membership, please use your credit card or bank card as we are unable to setup ongoing charges to checking accounts or PayPal accounts. Minimum 2 shipments required or a $2.00 per bottle fee applied.

Set Up Regular Shipments of Your Products To Get A Free Bottle After 12!

Preferred Member Selections:
Select Name Price Qty
Turbo ProRenew - Preferred (1 bottle every 8 weeks, One Free After 12 bottles) $21.95

Turbo ProRenew Preferred (2 bottles every 16 weeks, One Free After 12 bottles)


Two bottles of Turbo ProRenew shipped to you every 16 weeks. (After 12 bottles, get one Free, just pay for shipping!) (Note: Not available through PayPal.)

PLEASE NOTE: Because the 13th bottle is sent free with only shipping charged, coupons are not able to be used for this item and if applied will be removed and the full price charged.


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