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Turbo ProRenew for Men

Natural, Non-GMO Turbo ProRenew supplement includes the well-known ingredients studied to aid with prostate health making it one of the best men's supplements on the market!

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Turbo ProRenew offers a pure non-GMO formulation with natural ingredients to aid with men's health.

Look at the Ingredients in this Natural Men's Supplement Formula:

Vitamin B-6, Zinc, Copper, Saw Palmetto Powder, Pygmeum, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Goldenseal Root Powder, Juniper Berry Powder, Marshmallow Root Powder, Parsley Root Powder, L-Glutamic Acid HCI, L-Alanine, L-Glycine

Absolutely NO added estrogenic herbs or oils

Take 2 capsules per day to equal 1 serving.

Consider using 1 pump of Restore Balance Cream every 1-2 days to supplement your Turbo ProRenew with natural progesterone.

Remember, it does take time to get your hormones back into balance!


Turbo ProRenew Could Be Vitally Important in Helping You Regain Your Quality of Life!

All-Natural Turbo ProRenew May Just Mean The End of Your Discomfort!

Naturally formulated, Turbo ProRenew may be the solution to help end your uncomfortable issues and help to return you to a balanced life. An enlarged prostate is often painful, uncomfortable, and aggravating. You may be experiencing a frequent need to urinate, but there are many individual issues that could indicate that your problems are a result of an enlarged prostate.

If you suffer from any of these issues, you may benefit from using Alternative Medicine Network's Turbo ProRenew:

  • A need to urinate often, causing you to get up a number of times every night
  • A weak, start and stop urinary stream
  • The feeling of a full-bladder
  • Difficulty with starting a urine stream, and involuntarily dribbling at the beginning or end
  • Sudden -- sometimes uncontrollable -- urgency to urinate
  • Burning, painful, or throbbing sensations when urinating
  • Loss of libido and sexual potency
  • Blood in the urine and any pain or discomfort in the urinary tract

Research has shown that there are effective non-drug, non-invasive, natural remedies that can work as an alternative to prescription drugs in helping common prostate conditions.

There have been many articles about the restorative benefits of saw palmetto and how it can help with prostate issues. Additionally, there are other very powerful, and natural healing herbs that can help with an enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis including Pygeum and Burdock Root. Alternative Medicine Network's TurboProRenew contains Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, and Burdock Root as well as Amino acids to help return your quality of life!

Following a natural balance program, and using TurboProRenew consistently as suggested can help you experience the changes you have been searching for. Restore your quality of life rapidly and easily with a natural supplement that:

  • Is formulated specifically for men
  • Includes natural supplements known for their support of prostate health including saw palmetto, burdock root and more
  • Consists of a complete, researched formulation with NO added estrogenic ingredients
  • Provides bacteria proof packaging
  • Has successfully helped thousands of men successfully restore their quality of life
  • Comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee

Use Restore Balance Cream to add Progesterone to Your Balance Program

Studies have shown that men may benefit from using natural progesterone cream on a regular basis. Micronized Progesterone USP Progesterone prevents the body from converting testosterone to di-hydro testosterone (DHT). It does this by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. When a male’s progesterone decreases with age, 5-alpha reductase converts to DHT which is useless at removing the prostate cancer cells that estradiol stimulates. Estradiol also stimulates the enlargement of the prostate.

There is strong biochemical evidence to support the recommendation for men's use of progesterone. The January 28th JAMA1 had an article “To die or not to die?” According to this article, most cells in the body die through the more subtle, non-inflammatory, energy-dependent form of cell death called apoptosis. Recent research into the molecular mechanism of apoptosis has revealed that it is a genetically programmed process that can become deranged when there is a mutation in this process. Dysregulation of apoptosis is associated with the cause of a wide array of diseases: cancer, neurodegeneration, autoimmunity, heart disease, and other disorders. The article clearly shows that traditional chemotherapy using poisons to stop cell hyperplasia do not work as they kill normal cells easier than cancer cells. The new idea promoted by the review is to find agents that activate p53 and deactivate bc12 is the hope of curing cancer. Guess what? Estradiol turns on the cancer gene bc12 and Progesterone turns on the anti-cancer gene p53. Progesterone, like testosterone is an anabolic hormone, meaning that it helps burn fat for energy. Thus, it helps keep men from becoming obese. With less body fat, there is less endogenous (within the body) estrone production.

Dr. John R. Lee, leading author of best-sellers on natural hormone replacement and the use of progesterone, is a strong advocate of progesterone supplementation for men, and recommends between 10 & 12 mg per day.

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Turbo ProRenew for Men

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Don't suffer with discomfort any longer! Turbo ProRenew's all natural, non-GMO formula contains the natural ingredients vital to good health and balance. Get discounts on multiple bottles, or check out Preferred Member shipments in the Special Value Packages below to get a FREE bottle after 12!

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