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Sprayology Acne Tonic Spray

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Acne Tonic is a natural, effective homeopathic spray for relief of acne symptoms and discomfort.

Product Benefits - Symptoms Relieved

  • Face and body breakouts
    Anthracinum - natural antibiotic for treating acne
    Natrum Sulphuratum - primary acne treatment for acute acne sufferers
    Kali Bromatum - eases acne breakouts on the chest, shoulders and face
    Antimonium Crudum - treats pimples and pustules
    Hepar - helps detoxify the liver, often lessening the occasion of skin eruptions

  • Redness
    Radium Bromatum - reduces redness of the skin due to capillaries
    Sulphur Iodatum - relieves redness and infection caused by acne
    Sanguinaria Canadensis - reduces redness of the cheeks
    Thuja Occidentalis - effective skin and anti-psoric remedy
    Apis Mellifica - reduces facial swelling and skin redness
    Mercurious Corrosivus - eases facial redness and puffiness
    Carbo Animales - treats acne rosacea

  • Itching and inflammation
    Urtica Urens - relieves intense itching
    Kali Bromatum - soothes the itching of psoriasis
    Hydrocotyle Asiatica - prevents itching and dry skin
    Pyrogenium - reduces skin inflammations caused by acne
    Hamamelis Virginica - reduces inflammation

Active Ingredients:

Anthracinum 200C, Antimonium crud 30C, Apis mel 4X, Carbo an 12X, Hamamelis 3X, Hepar suis 6X, Hydrocotyle 30C, Kali brom 30C, Merc corros 200C, Nat sulphuratum 200C, Pyrogenium 30C, Radium brom 200C, Sanguinaria 3X, Sulphur iod 200C, Thuja occ 200C, Urtica ur 3X.

Within the first week I didn't seen any results, but the second week I noticed I was suffering from much less body acne and that my occasional unsightly and painful red blemish was becoming a rarity. By the end of the month, my body acne was much clearer and it became more and more rare that I would have a bad breakout. My skin also became more smooth.

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products - my mother and i grew up with horrible acne and as a result, terrible self esteem. Later found out that we both had lead poisoning which resulted in sensitivities to certain foods. Ive been on your acne spray for a few months now and has changed my life. My skin isn't perfect, but the spray absolutely clears acne and gives my skin a healthy glow. I barely wear makeup anymore! Ive just ordered more along with Stress Relief and the Diet Power. I'm recommending ManPower to my husband and I'm telling everyone what a great company you are. Worth every penny!
Erika T.

Adults and children over 12: 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times per day.

Ages 2 to 12: 1 spray under the tongue 3 times per day.

Under the age of 2: consult a health care professional.

If pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care professional before using.

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if transparent seal around the spray bottle is broken or missing.


Banish acne symptoms!

Treat acne the safe and natural way while reducing inflammation and redness of the skin. Like all Sprayology products, Acne Tonic works from the inside out. This advanced sublingual two sprays, three times a day treatment draws on centuries of holistic science to effectively treat blemished skin naturally. Acne Tonic also helps to prevent the occurrence of future breakouts and is a favorite spray for teenage girls and boys!

Acne Tonic combines homeopathic ingredients to relieve acne discomfort and the common symptoms of acne including face and body breakouts, redness, itching and inflammation. This powerful formula consists of 16 natural ingredients including kali bromatum (potassium bichromate) to ease acne breakouts on the chest, shoulders and face while soothing the itching; anthracinum (marking nut) a natural antibiotic for treating acne; sulfur (the mineral sulfur) to ease redness and treat infected blotches; and nettle to relieve itching caused by acne.

Acne Tonic relieves acne discomfort and the common symptoms of acne, including:

  • Face and body breakouts
  • Redness
  • Itching and inflammation

Sprayology homeopathic sprays are FDA regulated and are made in an FDA approved laboratory.

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Sprayology Acne Tonic Spray

SKU: SPR1000

Acne Tonic from Sprayology is the natural approach to treating acne from the inside out.


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