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Sun Damaged Skin Can Definitely Be Improved

Don't look older than you should. Revitalize your sun-damaged skin.

Is your skin looking older than it should? Do you have sun spots or the unwanted effects of tanning or spending too much time in the sun without enough sun screen or protection?

You absolutely don't have to be stuck with the effects of sun damage on your skin.

Our cosmetic chemist has spent years researching and formulating products to help address the effects of sun-damage and aging on your skin. These products are available in the Ester C Skin Care Treatment Kits for value savings or individually to choose as needed. Or, you may want to take a look at the additional skincare treatment products we offer for aging skin.

  1. Creamy Cleanser Step One - Creamy Cleanser - The cleanser designed to balance and revitalize your sun-damaged skin.
  2. ALA CreamStep Two - Ester C Cream - Our all-star antioxidant cream can help make your skin look rejuvenated. This cream is essential for collagen production and inflammation reduction.
  3. Day 25 CreamStep Four - In The Morning Only - Day 25 Cream - The best day cream for aging and sun-damaged skin.
  4. Night CreamStep Four - At Night Only - Night Cream - The luxurious night cream for sun-damaged and aging skin.

Please note: While all of the products in this kit are available separately, the best value is found in purchasing all of them in the kits listed in the Special Value Packages.

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