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Natural Hormone Balance

Discover How to Achieve Hormone Balance Naturally!

Understanding more about your body and the changes you are experiencing as you enter andropause is vitally important to your success on the path to natural hormone balance.

Here are articles and books on natural hormone balance to help you gain the understanding you need about hormone balance including the effects of low hormone levels, low testosterone, prostate disorders, the benefits of natural progesterone and much more!

Natural Hormone Balance

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  • Prostate Health FAQ's
    Discover the information every man needs to know about prostate cancer, prostate disorders & the natural treatments available. This is a Hormone Balance Knowledge Center Article.
  • Men's Hormone Balance
    Yes, there is a male menopause; it lasts a decade or more, because a man's hormone balance changes much more gradually than a woman's. Male menopause - more correctly known as andropause - is not the same thing as midlife crisis.
  • Natural Prostate Health
    Dr. Robert N. Butler, the former director of the National Institute of Aging and professor of Geriatrics and Adult Development at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, claims there are no common "biomarkers" that tell us we're getting older. According to Butler, things like thinning hair, wrinkled skin, memory lapses, reduced hormone levels, and osteoporosis don't have anything to do with aging.
  • Male Menopause
    Medical research suggests his mid-life crisis – and the affair, sports car and divorce that come with it – may be the result of a condition called Andropause, a.k.a. male menopause, which is easily treatable. But first you have to recognize the signs. This is a Hormone Balance Knowledge Center Article.
  • Hormones and Prostate Health
    Your hormones have a vital role in the health of your prostate and the relief of prostate disorder symptoms.
Hormone Balance for Men Booklet (28 Pages, Soft Cover)

Hormone Balance for Men Booklet (28 Pages, Soft Cover)


Specifically for Men - How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally booklet by leading expert, Dr. John Lee.