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Screen Your Dog for Over 150 Genetic Diseases and Traits!


Screen Your Dog for Over 150 Genetic Diseases and Traits!

The Canine HealthCheck is an at-home, canine genetic health test that allows dog owners to screen their dogs for over 150 genetic diseases and traits.

When you collect the sample, you'll swab the inside of your dog's cheek. Then just return the sample to our laboratory via the prepaid envelope. Seven to ten days after receiving your dog's sample, we'll provide a breakdown of your dog's genetic health in a secure online account just with your dog's results just for you.

The Test Collection Kit Includes:

The Canine HealthCheck includes two sterile swabs to collect cheek cells, an instructional guide on how to collect the best sample, and a biohazard bag and prepaid return envelope to ship the sample to our laboratory.

Why You Should Test Your Dog

The Canine HealthCheck will allow you to better understand your dog's genetic health. Information on any diseases we test for is available on the laboratory website. Anything you learn from this test can be shared with your veterinarian to provide optimal care for your dog!

The overall cost per test is less than $1 as compared to veterinary diagnostic workups which can start at more than $100 each. Testing your dog with the Canine HealthCheck will help you to avoid costly veterinary workups, care for diseases that are treatable, and intervene early when your dog shows clinical signs.

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Canine HealthCheck Home Health Test Kit

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SKU: PAP1000 Identifies over 150 different diseases and ailments your dog might be in danger of developing based on its DNA.

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Allergen Home Test Kit

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Identifies presence of mold, pollen, dust mites (Intact), skin cells, insect parts and fibers such as fiberglass, etc. Mold can cause coughing, sneezing, respiratory issues, headache, lethargy, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, tight chest, dizziness or eye irritation.

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