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Skin Vitality Testing

Your Skin May Contain Clues to the Causes of Your Symptoms!

Skin is the body's largest organ and the spot where local hormones come together. This profile tests a range of hormones that may help identify hormone deficiencies or excesses that are contributing to skin problems.

Some of our tests feature a combination of collection methods (saliva, blood spot and/or dried urine) as you will see when clicking on a specific test to learn more about it.

Please note that because return postage is included with this these test kits, there is an extra shipping charge of $10. (This extra charge is NOT added to the Canine Health Check Test Kit or Any of the Air Quality Test Kits.

NOTE: Per state laws, if you live in California, and only if you would like to receive one of the saliva, blood or urine tests, you will need to email us a prescription from a medical practitioner (could be a physician, physician's assistant, naturopath etc.) in order for us to process your order and send you your test. New York residents may not receive tests per state laws. Perhaps having these tests shipped to you outside of California or New York may be a good option. The Air Quality tests and Pet tests do NOT need a prescription and can be sent anywhere needed.

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Skin Vitality Home Health Test Kit

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SKU: ZRT1042

Detects hormone imbalances to lead to treatment of previously undiagnosed conditions.

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