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Benefits of Natural Hormone Replacement Online Video with Dr. John Lee

The Benefits of Natural Hormone Replacement and Bio-Identical Hormones

Features Leading Expert, Dr. John R. Lee

An Informative Online Video About Natural Hormone Replacement, Progesterone & Menopause Featuring Dr. John Lee.

On this 23-minute online video, Dr. John Lee and Dr. David Zava present information about the little known side effects of synthetic hormones and the natural hormone replacement alternative, as well as the many symptoms that may arise as a result of low progesterone levels including foggy thinking, PMS, sleeplessness, hot flashes and weight gain. Viewers are shown the appropriate uses of natural hormones such as progesterone, how to test your own hormone levels, and how to determine the correct dosage of natural progesterone for themselves in a conversational, understandable format. Three patients are profiled who recount their own experiences with their entry into their menopausal years and how they have used natural hormone replacement to bring their health and lives back into balance.

I am writing to thank you so much for making both of Dr. Lee's new videos available to us for viewing!!! It was so wonderful to be able to see and hear all of this extremely important information for us as women. I have read both of Dr. Lee's books, but seeing the videos and hearing both he and Dr. Hanley speak, brought more light to the whole issue of balancing our hormones, the importance of progesterone, and the need to take personal responsibility for our own health and well being! It was great to have access to this media. I even called a friend and we watched them together. This is what it is all about - sharing and getting this very important life changing information out to as many people as possible! Thank you for doing that very thing for making this available to all of us!


Watch This Video Presentation Online!

We are now able to offer you online streaming broadcasts of the Benefits of Natural Hormone Replacement Video featuring Dr. John R. Lee. This 23-minute presentation can be viewed comfortably while sitting at your computer!

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A word about quality:

The video quality on the internet is less than that of television or home video. Our online video presentations, while smaller in size and in internet quality, are an incredible value and wonderful sources of information on perimenopause, pre-menopause, menopause, natural hormone replacement, natural progesterone, saliva hormone testing and much, much more!

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Benefits of Natural Hormone Replacement Online Video with Dr. John Lee

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This incredibly informative online presentation features leading expert Dr. John Lee.


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