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Bone Loss Testing
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Bone Loss Testing

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The Bone Loss Test Is Vital to Aging Healthily!

Most people have the assumption that bone fractures resulting from osteoporosis only happen to "older" women and men. Actually, that bone loss begins when a woman is in her mid-30's and just slightly later for a man. There are often no outward signs or noticable effects of bone loss - you just discover it when it is too late. Before then, you don't see it and you don't feel it.

Detect Bone Loss Early On

Get a greater indication of your level of bone health and fracture risk with this simple urine test. This is an easy, pain-free test to measure your bone health. As you learn your results, you can take steps to slow and possibly even reverse your bone loss.

How The Bone Loss Test Is Done

Your bones are living cells, constantly rebuilding (bone formation) and then breaking down (bone resorption). When bone breaks down, a molecule called NTx is released into your bloodstream. A by-product of the NTx molecule is the element measured in your urine through the Bone Loss Analysis test.

What Is the Difference Between a Bone Scan and the Bone-Loss Analysis Test?

A bone scan, sometimes called a bone mineral density test (BMD) or DEXA, measures the density of key points in your spine, waist and hips. While a bone scan measures the density of your bones at a fixed point in time, our Bone Loss Analysis test will chart exactly how rapidly you are losing bone. With a bone scan alone, rapid bone loss often goes undetected until there may be serious damage.

What You Can Expect From The Test?

You will be mailed the results within two to three weeks of receipt of your specimen at the lab, along with suggestions of possible next steps for you to consider. They might include a calcium rich diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and natural hormone replacement therapy such as the use of natural progesterone.

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Bone Loss Testing

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