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Diet Fit Pack Includes Spray Vitamins for Weight Loss

Diet Fit Pack - DietPower Spray & Fit and Slender Extract

Psst - this is your personal top secret weapon for helping you lose weight!

This Special Value Pack contains Sprayology DietPower and Fit and Slender Extract, a perfect natural way to support your weight loss goals.

DietPower spray is safe to use and works best as part of a healthy diet. This simple homeopathic spray will help you adjust to your new diet by removing some of the uncomfortable feelings that seem to happen when changing your diet. Two sprays, three times a day in a sublingual treatment from Sprayology takes advantage of centuries of holistic medicine to help you keep on track and meet your weight loss goals.

DietPower combines holistic ingredients to help balance your metabolism and relieve common symptoms of a weight loss diet, including excessive appetite, cravings, low energy and water retention. This every day spray contains 12 ingredients such as apis (honey bee) to help reduce water retention; fucus vesiculosus (sea kelp) targeted to help balance the metabolism; and gambogia garcinia (fruit rind extract) to relieve food cravings and flatulence. These ingredients work together to combat feelings of anxiety and to gently and naturally lessen an excessive appetite.

Boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels at the same time you maximize your body's fat burning capabilities.

Pure Inventions Fit and Slender Extracts are created to help you reduce appetite and cravings while blocking your absorption of carbohydrates with no ephedra, alcohol or caffeine.

Please note: While all of the products in this kit area available separately, the best value is found in purchasing all of them in the kits listed in the Special Value Packages.


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