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Sprayology SleepEase Oral Spray

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SleepEase is an all-natural homeopathic spray that relieves the common symptoms of insomnia.

Product Benefits - Symptoms Relieved

  • Wakefulness
    Humulus Lupulus - promotes restful sleep; calms nervousness
    Valeriana - relieves the frequency of nightmares as well as nighttime muscle cramps

  • Restlessness
    Avena Sativa - eases exhaustion and nervousness associated with sleeplessness; helps maintain the nutritive balance of the central nervous system
    Passiflora - treatment to ease restlessness, especially in infants and as we age
    Zinc Metallicum - eases muscle twitching and jerking

  • Emotional stress and anxiety
    Chamomilla - eases anxiety and restlessness
    Cypripedium Pubescens - relaxes children prone to nervousness and irritability
    Ignatia Amara - key remedy for relieving symptoms of emotional stress and mood swings; promotes soothing dreams at night
    Aquilegia Vulgaris - eases nervous trembling and feelings of mild hysteria
    Crataegus Oxycantha - reduces symptoms of emotional stress, such as shock, anger, and suppressed emotions; treatment for feelings of being lost and confused
    Kali Phosphoricum - eases worry

  • Caffeine sensitivity
    Chamomilla - moderates the effects of caffeine
    Coffea Cruda - eases sleeplessness due to high levels of mental activity or excitement; decreases nervous agitation

Active Ingredients:

Aquilegia 1X, Avena 1X, Chamomilla 1X, Coffea cruda 200C, Cypripedium 3X, Humulus 3X, Kali phos 12X, Passiflora 1X, Valeriana 1X, Zinc met 12X

Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin 10% v/v, Organic Alcohol 9% v/v, Purified Water

...This spray is AMAZING. I have tried sleep medication - over the counter and it either did not work or it raised my blood pressure. This JUST HELPS ME SLEEP. That's It. I feel great in the morning!

...Since menopause I have had a hard time getting uninterrupted sleep at night due to night sweats (hot flashes) every 2-3 hours. I still awaken-the difference is that with SleepEase I can resume sleeping. I use the spray 2-3 times every night upon wakening and it never fails.
Thrilled User

Read More Rave Reviews About SleepEase.

Adults and children over 12: 2 sprays under the tongue at bedtime and again as needed if sleep is interrupted.

Ages 2 to 12: 1 spray under the tongue at bedtime and again if sleep is interrupted.

Under the age of 2: consult a health care professional.

If pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care professional before using.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not use if transparent seal around the spray bottle is broken or missing.


Better sleep is on the way!

Having trouble falling or staying asleep? Try a spray of SleepEase for a good night's rest. SleepEase is a homeopathic treatment used to counter the effects of anxiety and caffeine that can keep you wide-awake for hours. With SleepEase, you're on your way to dreamland the safe and natural way. SleepEase can also be taken at 3:00 am with no residual groggy feelings in the morning.

SleepEase combines homeopathic ingredients to temporarily relieve the symptoms of wakefulness, restlessness, emotional stress and anxiety, and sensitivity to caffeine sensitivity. This very popular spray contains 10 natural ingredients, including valeriana (valerian root) for a calm restful sleep; passiflora (passion flower) to ease restlessness - especially as we age; chamomile to reduce stress or anxiety; and chamomilla (chamomilla flower) to moderate the effects of caffeine while easing anxiety and restlessness.

Sprayology homeopathic sprays are FDA regulated and are made in an FDA approved laboratory.

SleepEase temporarily relieves the common symptoms of insomnia, including:

  • Wakefulness
  • Restlessness
  • Emotional stress and anxiety
  • Caffeine sensitivity

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Sprayology SleepEase Oral Spray

SKU: SPR1020

Get to sleep easily and naturally with this great spray from Sprayology.


Sprayology SleepEase Oral Spray

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