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Skin Care Product Checklist

Skin Care Products Checklist - How to Know if You are Getting Professional Level Skin Care Products

Check to see if your skin care products:

  • Have been created by a recognized cosmetic chemist and aesthetician.
  • Awakening Woman Skin Care products have been created by our cosmetic chemist and aesthetician who evaluates the latest ingredients and skin care procedures to develop the very best, pure skin care formulations.

  • Can be used on all areas of your face and don't require individual creams for specific areas.
  • ALA, Ester C & DMAE treatment creams can be used on all parts of your face including your eyes, lips, chin and full face. There is no need to purchase individual creams for each area. The Awakening Woman Skin Care line allows you to pick whatever treatment cream best fits your specific skin care needs and use it on any part of your face. For example, our DMAE cream, a firming ingredient, can be use on the eyelid, around the eye area, on the mouth or around the mouth area and to firm up the chin area. ALA, used for wrinkles and pore size, can also be used on those areas and the Ester C cream is used for sun damaged skin or very sensitive skin.

  • Feature a special Transdermal Distribution System that allows the active ingredients to penetrate and treat the skin deeply while leaving no residue.
  • ALA, Ester C and DMAE treatment creams feature a unique transdermal delivery system for that allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the skin directly to the target area, leaving absolutely no residue. As a result, you can then apply any moisturizer or skincare on top of our treatment creams. Plus, you can use these Skin Care treatment creams in combination with any product line and they will still work perfectly.

  • Are created from very pure formulas without unnecessary, potentially pore clogging ingredients.
  • Awakening Woman Skin Care products are packaged freshly on a weekly basis to ensure potency and purity. All products contain only the most vital ingredients and unnecessary ingredients that could cause reactions are eliminated. Our Skin Care line does not contain the pore clogging ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Isopropyl Palmitate, and Octyl Palmitate.

  • Include active ingredients that are the highest concentration needed to restore your skin to its optimum health.
  • These Treatment Creams provide a higher concentration of active ingredients thus making them much more powerful and effective. For example the DMAE Treatment Cream has over 5% DMAE and about 1% of ALA and Ester C, so you will always get all three treatment ingredients in each of these products. Many other manufacturers' treatment creams contain a maximum of about 1% to 5% active ingredients, providing less effective response to the treatment at higher pricing.

  • Are easily affordable. These specialized skin care treatment products start at only $19.95 and sample kits start at only $30.00.

  • The company offers discounts with value packages offering a variety of sizing and pricing options.
  • All of our customers can take advantage of value package discounts and discounts for returning customers unavailable anywhere else. See our special Value Packages for packages that will fit your needs.

  • The company is interested in helping you better understand and deal with the changes you are experiencing as you enter the process of perimenopause and menopause.
  • We understand the changes your skin and body go through as you enter the stages of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. That's why we have developed a special skin care line just for your needs as you go through this time in your life.

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Gold Serum

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Awakening Woman Gold Serum is purposefully made to combat the visible signs of aging on your eyes and lips.

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Gold Serum (Sm)

SKU: AMN1025


Gold Serum (Lg)

SKU: AMN1024



You've Got Anti-Aging Eyes

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Instead of having Betty Davis eyes, isn't it time you got Anti-Aging eyes? This unique cream is the first step.

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You've Got Anti-Aging Eyes (Sm)

SKU: AMN1059


You've Got Anti-Aging Eyes (Med)

SKU: AMN1058


You've Got Anti-Aging Eyes (Lg)

SKU: AMN1057



Instantly Ageless

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How would you like to be Instantly Ageless? This unique product will take years off of your appearance in minutes! One box of 25 Instantly Ageless vials will last 1 - 2 months depending on your use. (Up to 1-3 days per Instantly Ageless vial.)

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Instantly Ageless - One Vial

SKU: JEU1002


Instantly Ageless - Three Vials

SKU: JEU1003


Instantly Ageless - Five Vials

SKU: JEU1004


Instantly Ageless - Full Box

SKU: JEU1001


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